Perfume Reviews: Beyonce ‘Heat’, Equinox Bloom & Je Reviens

I am one of these people who is really fussy with their perfumes. I tend to be a Penhaligan , Worth or a Yves St Laurent girl.

My favourite perfume of all time is Je Reviens by Worth. It has a light,  citrus scent and it reminds me of my trip to Paris when I went to La Fayette. It ‘is’ Paris to me. I am glad that they still make it today. I remember buying it in the 1980s. I have been using it all the way from my twenties right through to middle age. It just makes me feel fresh, carefree and ready for the day ahead. It is a bit like perfumed talc. Rating: 10/10

Lately I discovered Equinox Bloom which came out last Spring..Now, this is a really special perfume from Penhaligans. It has a warm,spring scent and it reminds me of cherry blossom. In fact, that was the idea. For me this was perfect. I have always loved the idea of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, so much so, that I bought a cherry blossom for people to enjoy in my local park. When I last visited my tree, I saw a young girl twirl around it like a maypole.

The perfume has a very distinctive aroma and a kind of depth that citrus perfumes do not  have. This one is a head turner because it is so special and unique, and you think that  you are the only woman in the world who has discovered this extraordinary perfume. I save it for special occasions.Rating:10/10

This Christmas, I received Beyonce Heat and my heart just sank when I saw the bottle with the name all over it.I generally avoid celebrity perfumes like the plague, however, it was a gift and I do not have that many perfumes. It has a vanilla, magnolia and woody scent which reminds me a bit of ‘pound shop’ perfume. However, someone said they liked it when I walked past. I have a huge bottle of this and quite frankly, I feel uncomfortable with it.It is far too sickly for me and it also reminds me of candy floss or salted caramel or something to get rid of cat fleas.I will have to use it up, even if it pains me. If I see people  leaving the seat next to me on a crowded train, perhaps it does have something good about it Rating: 3/10