“Awful environment”- Half of South East Coast Ambulance staff (SECamb) report toxic workplace bullying & harassment

The BBC said in a university report that there has been a culture of workplace abuse and bullying within the state-run NHS Ambulance service in England.

'In his report, Prof Duncan Lewis from the University of Plymouth said: "Common decency is a right, not a privilege, and harassment or bullying, including sexual harassment must end now."

He pinpointed that their headquarters in Coxheath in Kent and Tangmere in West Sussex as areas "plagued by poor practices/behaviours".

On their website, in the Careers section, SECamb states they are "Operating in the area which was the birth place of the UK paramedic, you could soon be working for one of the most innovative and forward thinking ambulance trusts in the country."

And, in their statement about their 'values', they claim they 'show respect' as you can see here: http://www.secamb.nhs.uk/about_us/our_values.aspx. Basic standards appear to be ignored by poor management and ineffective HR.

It is totally unacceptable that staff are being bullied in the Ambulance Service. We all need respect at work. It is reflects badly on the organisation and its management, and of course morale. The staff do some great work, and I have had to use them on occasions, but there should not be a culture of workplace bullying and harassment, and employees must not be silenced.

One ambulance worker said on a BBC forum said it was so bad that he had to leave and the culture of bullying within the organisation 'went on for years'. Another person wrote on Glassdoor, a review site for employees and jobseekers, said it was an 'Awful Environment' and another said 'It was OK unless you have an opinion'.


Glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-SECAMB-EI_IE441460.11,17.htm.

BBC's link here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40825748

Useful information on Workplace Abuse (and help (They are on your side

  • ) http://www.workplacebullying.org/

    Bullying UK: http://www.bullying.co.uk/bullying-at-work

    I have also been carrying my own Workplace Bullying Survey over the last year and you can complete my one here. This is for all organisations, including charities.


  • 2017 My New Year’s Resolutions

    Here goes, folks. I like to give myself realistic and positive goals.

    1. To declutter my house. I tend to keep stuff just in case I need it. However, I realise that I don’t use a lot of my clothes and craft stuff. It is taking up a lot of space and I want more space this year. Also because I store a lot of stuff, I buy stuff again because I can’t find things. I also want to get more coat hangers too and keeps things more tidy.
    2. Borrow a Doggy from Borrowmydoggy to help an owner walk their dog and for me to have more exercise and get more experience with dogs.
    3. Go on a floristry workshop and practice some new techniques.
    4. Ban chocolate,coca cola and porky scratchings from my house and get people who see it to remove them. These are my weaknesses!Imust only have them on special occasions.
    5. Take part in Dry January and raise awareness to others. This also means you could get free meals too and some sponsors give you benefits
    6. Take part in Bullyonline campaigns, Alcohol Concern, Domestic Violence issues, Personal Safety, Road Safety and anti drugs campaign charities.
    7. Make my own granola breakfasts and actually eat it
    8. Cook more and try new things
    9. Improve massage techniques to improve wellbeing
    10. Be more minimalistic – help the planet, save money, create more space, have more me time
    11. Lead a more hygge lifestyle
    12. Support Lush as they do some excellent products
    13. Continue to make my own beauty products without toxins and raise awareness
    14. Take up Nordic Walking (I have already bought some poles)
    15. Ramble more locally along the footpaths and do a lot more walking. Join walking groups
    16. Listen more. People like to be listened to.
    17. Have no technology days or evenings.
    18. Read a novel,  and make time for this. I have been struggling to make time for reading. Hopefully, having a more minimalistic lifestyle it will be easier.
    19. Go on free tours in London’s Museums and learn more about history
    20. Make more crafts to give away for Christmas
    21. Buy things over the year for Christmas to save money
    22. Mix with people who lead a positive lifestyle
    23. Do more art and crafts
    24. Continue to look after the wild birds
    25. Have a more healthier lifestyle and inspire others
    26. Eat more fish
    27. Read more poetry
    28. Read to other people
    29. Sometimes do nothing
    30. Improve my computer’s memory by clearing up old files
    31. Watch more ‘feel good’black and white or colour movies
    32. Go to the Buddhist centre more often and read more Buddhist literature

    UPDATES to follow

    Citizen Journalism Project:Workplace Bullying Survey

    I will be publishing the results of this Survey in about a year’s time on my blog. I am really interested to hear from people, what happened to them and to hear tips from those who have succeeded in their case (or cases).

    Having been through this myself, and in  cases where I have brought the matter up (although was difficult), I have won them (in various ways) and even had an apology from of the bullies , I can share my own tips via the Survey too. It is really difficult, but with the right support and help, you can beat the Workplace Bully.   Some of the stuff I went through, it was so crazy, you wouldn’t believe it, but it is amazing what people will do when the  boss is away and colleagues are bored and haven’t been given enough work to do.  Other than the violence, I have been through everything!

    If you would like to complete the Survey, please fill it in here:


    For all of us who have been through all this, I highly recommend The Workplace Bullying Institute on Youtube. Brilliant organisation, they really know how to tackle them.


    Update: January 2017 Several good responses so far and some useful tips. Some shocking results. Thanks for providing with me details so far.