Dear Labour Party



Disgusting feral behaviour by Labour MPs

Though I am not a Labour Party supporter, I think the bullying of the quiet, introvert, Corbyn is wrong.

These MPs are a disgrace.  They have made such a scene, this will never be forgotten in political history.  Corbyn got voted for leader, and that is it.

People who are leaving should set up their own party. There are clear divisions within The Labour Party and it is time for the Labour Party to be divided up and peace will reign. There is no point having a party that doesn’t stick together, how can they can run a Government?

At the end of the day, Corbyn, like all of us is human and we all need some respect. Mobbing and bullying is just something that in a workplace, would be considered a sackable office and this is something unions support.

Some of the bullying borders on harrassment and is a Criminal Offence.

All this fighting in British politics gives politics a bad name.

Recovering after Brexit

I am in shock that the Leave campaign has won.

However, I know there huge things wrong with the EU, one thing was that it was getting far too big, and Cameron was keen to take on Turkey as well, which has its own set of complications.  Population is a problem and we do need to control it in a manageable way.  The left have been ignoring this (and I am a lefty). We are now building all over the green belt too and I have had issues with people taking our jobs.

The whole thing is so complex but one of the main things why I wanted to stay in Remain was for the economy, health and safety and workers’ rights. 

I really don’t see it improving now, even after a couple of years. I see us becoming a nation of lawless cowboy companies exploiting workers. I can see a succession of strikes ahead. As for stability, our leaving the EU will jeopardise Britain as a nation, and encourage other countries to leave the EU too   It all looks rocky to me. We are a little island that will be left in a very vulnerable situation.

The Leave campaigners chose their mess, and we will watch Britain go down the pan, but all I can say, is that Remain campaigners have put up a good fight and they should be proud of their part in history.

Kensington Palace: Republican’s Picnic

Labour for a Republic are running a free picnic on the afternoon of 12th June, when many royalists round the country will holding picnics for the Queen’s 90th.  The event will  take place next to Kensington Palace and all supporters are invited.

They  encourage people to bring kids, neighbours loved ones, grannies, dogs and to bring picnic food, drink, rugs and musical instruments..

However, it looks like there will be heavy rain forecast for the afternoon challenging most hardened republicans.




Tonbridge: Police attend Chestnut Lodge Care Home

Police attended a care home run by Tonbridge Care Ltd  in Kent on the evening of 6th June, 2016 after a report that there had been a suspected theft of a bank card, according to Kent Police on Twitter after enquiries were made by Beaulieu.

The business used to be managed by another company, Krinvest Ltd..

On the care home’s website, it states that it has “a thirty-two capacity facility, with en-suite rooms and interiors in which residents can feel at home and secure, while having access to personal interests and well-tended gardens”. However, recently there has been more building work to increase capacity.

The business has accommodation for people who require nursing or personal care, dementia, caring for adults over 65 yrs.

Carers’ Week started on 6th June and runs till the 12th.



Above: Police attend the Chestnut Lodge Care Home

Copyright: Beaulieu 2016

There have been previous cases of people stealing bank cards from residents in care homes, and some use distraction techniques in order to do so.  One staff worker in an Kansas nursing home, for example, offered to help the  elderly resident by  ‘looking after her bag’, while the lady went and did something else, the thief then pinched the card.

I include a link below of another case of bank card theft at a care home , but fortunately the thief managed to be tracked by CCTV: