UK Age Discrimination & Job Ads

Age discrimination is a big problem in British society and some job ads are targetting younger employees to avoid paying higher wages or for other reasons.

This is just one example from of a job ad in Kent:-

“The XXX organisation is seeking to recruit a full time receptionist for their main office located in Sevenoaks.

The role will be responsible for operating the Group switchboard, meeting and greeting visitors to the building as well as providing assistance to the Facilities department during busy periods.

This would be an ideal role for a school or college leaver, looking to start their career within an office environment.”

Beaulieu has got in touch with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and ACAs for their comments. The organisation concerned has also been contacted.

If you see any other similar job adverts,  please show them to us and share your experiences of age discrimination and any positive outcomes.



Match of the Day – Big Pants Watch

Never mind the cycling on #Rio2016, many people in Britain are staying up late this evening to watch if Gary Lineker  will present Match of the Day wearing his pants after losing a bet about Leicester City.  Imagine many us all sitting on our sofas right now with baited breath…

Well, we had a bit of a ‘teaser’ earlier as he was spotted with an ironing board…that was a good sign……

At 1030 when Match of the Day  started – he actually did it, although he wore Leicester City white boxers, which really isn’t the same as dodgy Y-fronts. Then  my friend promptly spilt his coffee on the sofa….and this was not even his sofa – it was his sister’s, who’s on holiday and he now has got some explaining to do…


Volunteer receives 36 pages of Red Tape to work for a Charity

Many of us like to volunteer and put something back. Some charities make it really easy for people to volunteer, but others, who  want to be  office volunteers seem to be lumbered with mountains and mountains of red tape.

I wanted to volunteer for a small charity for  just for a few hours  in an office in something I have a keen interest in, but yesterday, I was swamped with 36 pages of tedious but well meaning corporate Red Tape. I cannot even bear looking at it again.

It was all written in legal jargon and generally in  a fairly unfriendly language as if to say, ‘watch your back or you will out’.  Apparently volunteers must  even have an appraisal to discuss ‘performance’.  There was nothing to welcome the volunteer at all, and to say, ‘we thank you for wanting to help us ‘ no, none of that.  Sexual relationships were discussed on the forms and if the volunteer had a relationship with another staff member, one of them would be ‘asked to leave’.  Then of course, if you were a politically minded person, you would have to ‘speak to your superiors’ if you were lobbying which could affect the charity, as they need to be impartial. Generally fair points, but I felt that I would always be ‘on edge’ at the charity.

At the end of the day, the charity does not own me, but looking at the amount of legalise I received,  like to think that they do.

The irony is that the charity concerned was crying out for volunteers.


Duke of Westminster & Being sent to Boarding School at Seven

The Duke of Westminster, on Desert Island Discs, said that he didn’t like being sent away at seven  to Sunningdale School,  in Berkshire, which was part of his family tradition..

My own father went to that prep school and  all he remembered about that it was being good at the high jump, but he also remembered being sent away at around seven years old too, and being deeply unhappy.    Though my own brother went to boarding school at about twelve, it was certainly better than at seven, but  in his case, it suited him.  Everyone in our own family thinks it is wrong to send children at seven to boarding school.

We should question this tradition, and it is great that the Duke of Westminster had brought this matter up.


Citizen Journalism Project:Workplace Bullying Survey

I will be publishing the results of this Survey in about a year’s time on my blog. I am really interested to hear from people, what happened to them and to hear tips from those who have succeeded in their case (or cases).

Having been through this myself, and in  cases where I have brought the matter up (although was difficult), I have won them (in various ways) and even had an apology from of the bullies , I can share my own tips via the Survey too. It is really difficult, but with the right support and help, you can beat the Workplace Bully.   Some of the stuff I went through, it was so crazy, you wouldn’t believe it, but it is amazing what people will do when the  boss is away and colleagues are bored and haven’t been given enough work to do.  Other than the violence, I have been through everything!

If you would like to complete the Survey, please fill it in here:

For all of us who have been through all this, I highly recommend The Workplace Bullying Institute on Youtube. Brilliant organisation, they really know how to tackle them.


UK: Mint Staffing – Agency staff & Businesses claim they’ve been unpaid

Several angry staff employed by @Mintstaffing , who supply highly trained hospitality staff for such events as  Pride Brighton, football events and the Grand National, claim that they have not been paid  on Twitter.

Many people who have contacted Mint Staffing  about have  been blocked by the Agency.Their website is  also down, and goes to a white page with ‘GONE’ on the banner:-

(10/08/2016) Update: The website above now works, all very strange.

Companies House confirm they do not have a company registered Mint Staffing Solutions but have a Mint Staffing Limited, based in Manchester.

Those who have not been plan to  take this matter up further.


Southern Rail Strike: Staff should use alternatives to 5 day strikes says Ex TSSA member and delegate

I generally agree with the rail staff that it is wrong for all sorts of reasons to have no guards on the trains.

There ought to be a new or more effective alternative to strikes as long as five days where it jeopardises the economy, other people’s jobs, those who need to work or visit hospitals, or  attend other essential appointments. Or they should find ways to ‘work with commuters’ but still targeting Govia in another way.  Right now, rail users are being held to ransom, though many do agree with the strikers, but disagree with the way they are doing it. A five day strike is completely unreasonable.

The workplace is often stressful enough without the extra worry of being late for work, and the threat of being sacked. The low  and unpaid  will be  particularly badly effected as many of them do not have cars to use as an alternative to the train. Those of us in rural areas have trouble even getting any buses, some don’t even start until 9.30am and finish at 5.. Others may have already taken their holiday and don’t have any left.

You never near of any striking staff member offering to help anyone needing  to work or to visit the hospital.  No they are out their standing with placards picketing and chatting on telly. If they helped people get to work, then perhaps the Strikers could get more respect.  It would be good if commuters would help car share with others to minimise the disruption. Working Together with Rail Users may help in some small way. As a successful campaigner myself, you need to get the majority of  rail users ‘on side’.I expect most of them are unhappy with Govia too.

There needs to be a lot more talk on alternatives, rather than the old and tired  Labouresque techniques that frequently do not work and create animosity. Not all Union members support Labour anyway and  have quite different  and often visionary views.  In fact, with Govia getting less money this week, perhaps this will make them even more keen to remove guards as  cost cutting exercise.

It is all a horrible mess and I am glad I generally travel by bicycle.



#Blacklivesmatter Protest in Bermondsey

I thought there was something going on as I saw several police cars with burly police officers in vans, parked in side streets on a Saturday afternoon.  

Shortly after, a group of about 100 or so  #blacklivesprotesters turned holding placards on Jamaica Road. There seemed to be a lot of women in the protestThe atmosphere generally  was  pretty chilled.

The police vans, however, gave the protest a bit of tension. Road traffic police officers had their hands full controlling the heavy weekend traffic while all this was going on.  One of the protesters said they were on their way to Downing Street and that the march started from Southwark Park.

I didn’t see any trouble from any of the protesters or the police, but a 60-year- old pedestrian who had just finished shopping at Tesco, shouted at them that they were ‘racist c**ts’ but everyone chose to ignore him.


Rio2016 is becoming a Farce

I thought Rio2016 was going to be on the rather tedious side, with all these rather dull sports people trying outdoor each other. I think they seem to be getting duller and duller over the years, bit like tennis.

However, Rio 2016 seems to throw up a few ‘comedy elements’  such as  the suspended President who was unable to make the Opening Ceremony, the dodgy  youth hostel like accommodation, the Nigerians having the wrong Anthem played and now, the British Swimming team having had their swimming costumes nicked.

Let’s hope nothing happens to the horses and otherwise the riders will  have to go round in a Pantomine horse.