Citizen Journalism & ‘Elephants’

One of the things we do is expose things, and people don’t like that.

For example, in my own case, I exposed some of the bad behaviour of some Millwall Football fans (and I am a Millwall Football fan). I am also happy to report good behaviour too. How else can you deal with difficult things unless you expose it and deal with it?

First of all, the story  was met with denial – that can’t be us, you must have been imagining things.  Therefore it is important that video evidence is taken, if possible, though of course, some true believers will say it is ‘fake’. The irony is that the British Transport Police and local authorities also affected by their behaviour, believe you and they also have evidence of some sort to back it up. Finding quality supporters is really important.

Then you get all these people from your own team, mobbing together and completely not getting your point ie hey, there is an elephant in the room.  They tweet ‘bingos’ that  tend spring up when there is a ‘word’ they like to jump on, and they are very often similar phrases but put in a different way. It is like being in some kind of cult, you can’t do or say certain things. Members and supporters *have* to follow the group.

As they were clearly unable to effectively manage the ‘elephant’ at all, I had to get outside help to deal with it,and they helped to prevent the problem.  In the meantime, the Club is left in the dark, as they do not believe there is an ‘elephant’.

I don’t understand much about this type of mentality, where ‘elephants’ are ignored, and sometimes, celebrated.

I am a firm believer of tackling issues within the sector or organisations before it gets out of hand, nipping things in the bud. But, as in my previous comment, people deny it.  It makes sensible communication difficult. If your organisation is racist, or ageist, they would deny it.    Some of organisations  go into complete denial and accuse YOU. Whistleblowers are treated as problems or undermined as trolls.   Rational communication  is discouraged. You can see the same sort of  thing in schools and workplaces. Denia,l Denial, Always Denial.

If you notice a problem, say you are at the bottom the ladder at work, and it is a glaring  safety problem, you get ignored if you bring it up, or hounded.  Yet months, later when the problem comes up, all hell breaks loose. Some people have to be prepared to make a stand, even if people, sometimes the majority,  don’t like it at the time. Sometimes exposing it, helps to make the world a better place.

No wonder there are citizen journalists, who not into ‘group think’,  need to be around.



Southwark: My experience of the #Bikestormz event

On Saturday afternoon, 23 July 2016, I was cycling on a narrow cycle path near Tower Bridge  on the way to visit a friend in London and suddenly a large ‘swarm’ of about 40 of young, mostly male cyclists, came  behind me shouting ‘Get out of my way!’There was no information as to what it was about, no placards, nothing. We had no warning either.

Of course, I was having none of it and  carried on!  (I am used to dealing with bullies, especially kids and dangerous drivers ) As time went by, reports of over 2000 anti-social cyclists turned up and ‘terrorised’ the roads and pavements, people  on pavements fled out of the way. 

These cyclists proceeded to cycle up the wrong way up a major road at great speed, facing heavy traffic, doing wheelies, cycling fast on pavements and  jumping through red lights.   Police were called as this was a danger to other people on the road, and even to the cyclists themselves, who probably feel that it must be’ a safe thing to do as their friends are doing it.’

Many were not wearing cycle helmets. Total disregard for their own safety and the Highway Code. You wonder what their parents and siblings would think about this, after all, they would have to get ‘the phone call from the police’ should their son get killed.

I’m all for having fun whilst cycling, after all, I have done lots of fancy dress rides and charity rides, even all the way to Paris, but I am not interested in being killed before my time or having a spinal injury, after all, I volunteer for a Spinal Injury charity anyway. I have also joined  various road safety campaigns. Anti-social cycling ain’t my style.

In a week when Chris Froome wins the Le Tour de France for the third time, it is just shame that some young people and their  dangerous and selfish actions spoil it for everyone else. It is extraordinary that reckless cycling even appears to be actually condoned by many cyclists, some of them involved in road safety.

It is time action was taken to prevent this sort of thing  and for young cyclists to act more responsibly on the road, something needs to be done now, before these mass cycling events get more hazardous.

PS   I am all for young people cycling on the road, but they ought to be educated on the laws, after all, we have to share the roads safely.The Highway is no place for anarchic behaviour. And looting local shops isn’t going to make young cyclists respected either.

Update: There were reports of accidents during the event according to witnesses. Despite the lawlessness of some participants, no arrests were made at present.

If you witnessed any crime with regards to Bikestormz at the weekend, please contact the police on 101. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on  0800 555 111


London: March for Europe Protest 2/7/16

It was a sedate march to Parliament, with mostly graduates, people from Middle England and families.

Protesters shouted “Eton Mess”, “Shame on You” and “Liar Liar pants on fire” as they went past Downing Street today.


Churchill Statue, Parliament Square


Michael Gove and Farage .


Plumes of smoke fills Parliament Square


Disgusting feral behaviour by Labour MPs

Though I am not a Labour Party supporter, I think the bullying of the quiet, introvert, Corbyn is wrong.

These MPs are a disgrace.  They have made such a scene, this will never be forgotten in political history.  Corbyn got voted for leader, and that is it.

People who are leaving should set up their own party. There are clear divisions within The Labour Party and it is time for the Labour Party to be divided up and peace will reign. There is no point having a party that doesn’t stick together, how can they can run a Government?

At the end of the day, Corbyn, like all of us is human and we all need some respect. Mobbing and bullying is just something that in a workplace, would be considered a sackable office and this is something unions support.

Some of the bullying borders on harrassment and is a Criminal Offence.

All this fighting in British politics gives politics a bad name.

Recovering after Brexit

I am in shock that the Leave campaign has won.

However, I know there huge things wrong with the EU, one thing was that it was getting far too big, and Cameron was keen to take on Turkey as well, which has its own set of complications.  Population is a problem and we do need to control it in a manageable way.  The left have been ignoring this (and I am a lefty). We are now building all over the green belt too and I have had issues with people taking our jobs.

The whole thing is so complex but one of the main things why I wanted to stay in Remain was for the economy, health and safety and worker’s rights. 

I really don’t see it improving now, even after a couple of years. I see us becoming a nation of lawless cowboy companies exploiting workers. I can see a succession of strikes ahead. As for stability, our leaving the EU will jeopardise Britain as a nation, and encourage other countries to leave the EU too   It all looks rocky to me. We are a little island that will be left in a very vulnerable situation.

The Leave campaigners chose their mess, and we will watch Britain go down the pan, but all I can say, is that Remain campaigners have put up a good fight and they should be proud of their part in history.