About Me


I’m a ‘low key’ citizen journalist and current affairs commentator from both London and Kent, United Kingdom (my life is fluid), having both a rural and urban life. I particularly enjoy unreported human stories and highlighting interesting art projects. However, I have expanded my writing, to include a lot more.

I also like to review all sorts of things too, so watch out!.

I started writing news articles for Now Public which was a Canadian news contributor site. This was an excellent means for me and many other citizen journalists and newscontributors, then it was taken over by the right wing, Examiner, and most of us left,  and Now Public finally went into oblivion.Ah, they were the good ol’ days.

I enjoy photojournalism and some of my work has appeared in the Huffington Post and the BBC. Not all of my photos, are photojournalism quality, just snaps, it just depends on the moment (and my camera).My ‘background’ is travel and tourism, so citizen journalism gives me a variety of adventures and social problems.

My favourite topics are current affairs, mental health and wellbeing politics,family relationships, cooking, fun stuff, environment, cycling, road safety, social justice, transport, Hygge, British weather, safety, employment,  sport, anti social behaviour, tourism, history, animal welfare,  bullying, workplace bullying, getting older, natural skincare, lifestyle, books and well, things that I like that just pop up out of the blue. Generally I like ‘quirky stuff’. I can go against ‘Group Think’ if I feel it is the right thing, even disagreeing with my peers and some tabloid journalists. I often have an ‘outsider or observer’ mentality.I like being ‘low key’, as I can often get some ‘good stories that way’ and without identifying them too. People can tell me things, as I am kind of ‘undercover’ but not paid journalists. Some stories ‘need to come out’and be talked about, if I can make some small change, that can be a good thing.

I do the odd interview, and I have interviewed Tony Appleton, the infamous Town Crier; this is before he went on to announce Prince George’s  birth. Now, I am a staunch anti -monarchist so that was a bit cringeworthy, but either way, it was a great interview.




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I read your comments on the national home study course (pinner), ive just received my coursework back unopened and unmarked. I wanted to know how your complaints have been handled since you became aware of their disappearance.
    Your review of them is the only informative lead ive read so far. Your feedback would be great maybe I could complain to the same people you have, would you be kind enough to let me know who you took your complaints to, when youve got the time.


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