Millwall Fans and Racism

As a Millwall Fan, we have to nip things in the bud when people do anti-social things within our group. At the end of the day, in order for Millwall Football Club to ‘grow’, be successful and boost income, they need to attract different people and allow a more inclusive fanbase. Not everyone at Millwall, is extreme right wing.

London is changing all the time, new people coming into Bermondsey, from all walks of life, so things need to change. The Club is expected to move, which means where will be another customer base.

I have seen today, on various social media forums that some Millwall fans have been racist. They proudly say they are Millwall fans on their social media pages and have some have BNP links.

Obviously, this applies to other football fans from other Clubs as well, but we have to expose racism in our own group. The law is on our side.

On social media platforms, I suggest we stand up to Trolls, from our own clubs. Let’s be the change.


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