Discounts on Personal Safety Products

I am getting fed up with feeling unsafe in Britain so I have been finding ways to improve my personal safety, particularly in view of the ‘killer clowns’ and random madmen stalking women in parks etc.

I do my bit by avoiding getting drunk and going out on my own later at night, and taking a personal CCTV camera and alarm with me. I also wear trainers so I can run out of the way quickly.

Whilst doing this, I am pleased to see, that to  highlight the 30th anniversary this year of the estate agent Suzy Lamplugh going missing, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust,  is offering 25% off personal safety products till the end November  2016:

Personal Alarms:

I would also recommend that your next of kin have up-tod-ate images of you, so should you ever go missing, people can look out for you.. The Suzy Lamplugh investigation was hampered early on because the parents gave the police an old photo when she had dark hair, in fact she went blonde.



So Rod Stewart has been Knighted

I think it was about time, although I really don’t agree that an unelected person knighted him.  

Furthermore, it is a very weird tradition that someone who hasn’t earned a ‘knighthood’ would be titled too. In this case,his wife Penny, became ‘Lady Stewart’.

My own uncle was knighted because of his ‘work’ with the Tory party. His wife suddenly became a Lady. She never deserved this at all, even though she was a nice lady (and was a lot nicer than he was too).

Women may support their husband, but they did not earn it. It is a backwards step for women.   It must be embarrassing to be titled  ‘Lady’ when you have done nothing to earn it in their own right.

And where were his other six children too? You would have thought they would have been included. And suddenly he gets called ‘Roderick’ too. What was wrong with ‘Rod’, that was my dad’s name, only parents and aunts called him his full name.

The British class system is nonsensical. I wonder if we are going to get lots of songs with ‘posh’ lyrics now?


I would report ‘Killer Clowns’ if I saw them in London & Kent

Fortunately, I haven’t seen any in my patch, but I am glad that the police and Brunel University take a tough line of the males  who clearly have nothing to better to do with their lives than to frighten people.  It is bad enough for women to even go out safely  at night without all this happening as well.

This is really not a prank, this is a Public Order Act. They are wasting valuable police resources. They are deliberately setting out to alarm strangers.

Friends living in Manchester are saying their kids are finding it hard to sleep at night, and fellow school kids are bullying them by frightening them.

Motorists could kill other people if a male clown with a knife or chainsaw jumps out at them. One male media studies  university student from Brunel University  was arrested by the police and there is a risk his career will go down the pan. Too bad, he is an adult; this was some ‘stupid’ mistake! He only apologised when it got caught. As someone who never went to university (for various reason), even I know what he did was madness. It is not funny at all. These males are just cowards, having to hide behind a stupid clown outfit.  Save the outfit for the circus or a fancy dress party.  Carrying a knife or chainsaw is just asking for trouble.Being nasty is not funny. Do they really want a conviction which will ruin their job prospects, and spend hours doing forced community service?

I will do best to be vigilant, keep to streets with lights and be particularly careful in towns with colleges and universities and I will be learning some self defence skills online and make sure I can run with decent trainers on. I will be taking my camera, and collect evidence!



Clown locations in the UK:

Chatham:  Male ‘killer clown’ gets headbutted:

Another male  killer clown gets arrested:

Meanwhile, in Bracknell, Essex a clown frightens some restaurant goers

Blogger talks about being scared of clowns:

UK: I’m going ‘Straight edge’ XXX

Straight edge (sometimes abbreviated sXe or signified XXX or X) is a subculture of hardcore punk whose  refrain from using alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs, in reaction to the excesses of punk subculture.Some people put a large X on their hand or on tattoos to show that they follow this lifestyle.

For some, this  even extends to refraining from engaging in promiscuous sex, following a vegetarian or vegan diet, and/or not using caffeine  or prescription drugs. The term straight edge was adopted from the 1981 song “Straight Edge” hardcore punk band Minor Threat. Some straight hard core people have got into gangs in the US, but the majority  just want to just live a better life, without any violence.

There are many of us round the world who don’t like ‘poison’ like alcohol, tobacco and  drugs (unless some prescription drugs).Straight edge can be far more simplified. That’s me. We are more educated now.

Already since ‘coming out’ as straight edge, if you can call it that, one of my friends said ‘isn’t that rather ‘extreme’?’ He also said, knowing that I am also Ace (Asexual), ‘why do you want to be in another minority?’

There is pressure to follow a toxic lifestyle  which will always be there, so we all have to be strong in ourselves to deal with this and get support from others. I am looking at finding people who also have this better lifestyle just to feel we aren’t alone, and I know I am not.

For as long as I can remember I didn’t like the boozy, toxic lifestyle that some of my friends had. When I was eighteen I had friends from Sevenoaks in Kent who thought it  would be cool to go out every weekend and just get p*ssed.  We did pub crawls and were encouraged to drink as much as we liked. I had a go ,just to see what it was like, even though it was very pointless. I think it only happened a few times, as I knew it was wrong. I didn’t like the hangovers, and being sick for hours.  I never was stupid enough to be so drunk not know what I was doing. Above all, I wanted to do something more interesting on my weekends.

I couldn’t see myself benefiting from being with these so-called friends and took the decision to leave them. I don’t have any regrets. I don’t get their lifestyle. They wouldn’t respect my views, so what was the point?  Generally I don’t mix with any heavy drinkers, smokers or people who take recreational drugs. I am lucky in that it hasn’t been too much of a problem, but in the workplace it can be, so many people would rather booze to have a good time. I find it really boring being with them. It is very difficult for me, but having a label like being ‘straight edge’ does help. Nowadays with so many recreational drugs around, we need this lifestyle more than ever. As a Millwall supporter, you can imagine just what a challenge it is to be straight edge with a crowd of boozers who hang round pubs all the time. I would rather hang out in a coffee shop before I go to a match, and drink decaffeinated coffee, and you get a seat as well! I can’t understand it why boozers like to stand up all the time.

When I was 12,  I found some cigarettes my parents had left for guests, and just smoked a few puffs.  Having seen university programmes of cancer caused by smoking when I was skiving off school, this made up my mind. My parents never talked about smoking with me, even though they gave up earlier on more for financial reasons.

I have seen what booze does to people, often turns them into monsters, idiots, getting into financial debt etc. Smokers look sick, seem to be lazy and it just plain stupid to smoke such junk.

I think there ought to be a lot more levels of straight edge, for example, not eating junk food.  However, the three XXXs (no booze, smoking and recreational drugs) is enough for me.

I had not come across this word until recently and it is a relief there is a lifestyle out there, and not just for those who are religious. It is not a boring lifestyle, far from it!

As one straight edge person said, spending your money on booze, fags and drugs is completely  a waste of money. When I was twenty, I didn’t do any of this and saved up hard to round the world, visiting Vancouver, Australia, Scandinanvia and Hong Kong. If I blew it on stupid stuff, I would not have seen and done, or experienced such joys. I get a high on adventure,  a great meal, doing positive and constructive things where I get great results.   i don’t want to get high on stupid, pointless stuff, and get my mind all f_cked up.

Even as someone who is middle aged, we get rammed with pressure to drink Prosecco, craft beer and all that crap.  It is bad enough having supermarkets, beer cafes, off licences everywhere. I just think it is so stupid, but it is their choice. Who wants to spend hours in a bar anyway? They are so boring and there’s  bu**er all  to do!

The London Ambulance has received  100 callouts related to alcohol-related incidents recently and which doubles over the weekend. What is wrong with society? The Ambulance and Police have a lot better things to do, why are people wanting to waste their value resources?

I really don’t want to be part of that culture, and nor do a lot of people. They are rejecting toxic lifestyles and going straight edge. This is happening right round the world.

You don’t have to have much of an interest in straight edge punk music, you can just simply lead a clean life.  It is not boring, I seem to have much more fun without all this toxic stuff.  Let’s be the change!.

National Edge Day is 17th October, 2016

Some straight edge Youtubers:


Colouring for World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2016

I belong to a colouring group of about 14 people.  It has a mixture of men and women, though mostly women, and  the ages range from about 20 to 60, and from wide range of backgrounds. We meet about twelve times a year.

Sometimes we have themes and we can bring our own food to share.  We meet in Arts Centres or in a London park, in the summer weather.

We all get stressed from time to time and I am quite straight edge and don’t drink or do drugs and I much rather do something else to relax. It helps with anxiety. I have learned a few techniques which is great and I enjoy learning new colouring ideas from people.

In this picture, I used Staedtler Water Colour Pencils and they are very good and excellent value.   The magazine below is Colouring World, one of my favourites, and it only costs £2.45 from W H Smith.  In this magazine, it has a series of scenes of Britain.I particularly like landscapes, buildings and, ideally, handdrawn pictures.

Colouring is not just for kids, some colouring books are highly advanced too. They can also make great Christmas and birthday cards.

I love using interesting colour combinations.  Sometimes I use my watercolour pens from Cass Art in Charing Cross Road, they are excellent and don’t make a mess of your work when you paint.  I would love to see your Colouring from around the world too and share tips.

Go try it and have fun, and meet some new people.


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Lush Review: Unicorn bath bar

This product is a fairly new product from Lush in Tunbridge Wells. They did give me one from one of their blogger’s events and finally, I have got round to using it.

The unicorn is a ‘girly bar’ made with lots of rainbow, pastel colours and shaped like a unicorn horn. It has a novelty factor.

I put it in the bath tonight and the water went a nice shade of calming, rose pink.  It  doesn’t really have a very strong aroma at all.  Then, as I used all of it, I had absolutely tons of bath bubbles which was really annoying (sorry Lush!). I don’t think it is great for people who have lead busy lives who haven’t got time to spend minutes getting rid of all the foam. I was in a flatshare, and I didn’t want flatmates moaning at me for taking ages in the bath! It is fine for singletons though who just want a nice bath to relax in.

Verdict: 4/10  Sorry guys, not for me. I am a big fan of the stronger Lush aromas, and not into bubbly baths. I am more of  a ‘fizz’ person. One tip, just use a little of the bar so it doesn’t foam up so much.



Police continue to monitor Feral Cyclists on Tower Bridge

On Friday, 8th October, police were at both ends of Tower Bridge, giving out feral fines to cyclists cycling on Tower Bridge whilst works were going on.

Police reported that there are been several injuries already after some  some selfish cyclists failed to walk along the bridge. Some were doing deliberately sneaky things to avoid being seen by the police, although they were caught.

One lawless male cyclist of about 25, was seen smirking and coasting on his bike on the bridge, when a police officer said, “You won’t be smiling when we give you a fine”. Feral fines are £50.

Most cyclists were seen behaving responsibility.

Sevenoaks: Bus Stop Rage over Nuisance Boarding

Angry bus users are up in arms at the bus stop outside the site of old Farmers’ pub which has been knocked down to make way for flats.  

Builders have put up boarding round the building site and have thoughtlessly extended it so that the people sitting at the bus stop cannot see the buses at all.

Protesters are calling people to complain to property company, Salisbury & Co in the High Street in Sevenoaks.


Britain’s Culture of Lazy Chefs – “No Cooking”

One of my pet hates is lazy restaurant cookery and lazy Chefs.

I saw it all at an independent Kent hotel I worked at, where the cook, who was called ‘Chef’ used to reheat food bought in by a  nationwide frozen food company.

He proceeded to use packets of gravy granules (riddled with chemicals) for traditional Sunday Carvery, and for breakfast he served hotel guests and tourists scrambled egg made with egg powder, the stuff Britain used in World War Two rations. I mentioned this to him and of course, he made my life a misery thereafter!  He never used any garnish either and used tons of salt. The Hotel Manager supported this lazy culture, and said the Chef could ‘do no wrong’, and despite  his swearing and filthy moods. He was treated like a God.

Of course, these are just a few of the lazy things I saw going on, though he must have done a lot more lazy things.

Another ‘Chef’ at the same hotel absolutely hated it when any tourist asked for porridge, as she couldn’t be bothered to clear up the pan and tried to discourage people ordering it. This was accompanied by swearing, eyes rolling and deep sighs.

I spoke to one kitchen assistant who said that in a Sevenoaks country pub in Kent where he  works, they use a machine to even cut up the parsley and the results look ‘absolutely terrible’ but ‘it’s quick’. He also said their Chefs used to chop up potatoes in squares, rather than peel them and they used to keep it quiet from the managers who hated financial waste.

When he worked at a private Tunbridge Wells golf club, at a Lions event, they had a ‘German meal’. This  ready made meal was brought in from an outside company, from a brochure,  in a plastic packet. All the ‘Chef’ had to do was to serve the cold sausages, cheese, pumpernickel and biscuits onto a plate. No cooking involved. The Lions gave the Golf Club lots of tips for their ‘special meal’ and probably as the Golf Club also gave them loads of wine  Customers are regularly being swindled by the greedy restaurant trade.

Salads are positively dreadful these days, same whitish lettuce, a couple of cherry tomatoes and slices of red onion, the same ‘ready made side salad’ you see everywhere, next to a baked potato.

When I cook at home, I like to take pride in my work, the finishing touches really add to it. Food has to look delicious and I like to see effort, passion and new ideas. Just where has all this gone?

Some of the cafes you see in Kent, still have have 1950s menus and have never been changed. It is apple pie every day of the week for  years. Lots of cafes have come into their area, but still they have not made any changes. And yes, the cafe is often pretty empty now.

Chefs are trained to cook properly and plan decent menus, why is that some don’t do any this when they get a job in the restaurant or hotel? Let me know your experiences.


Photo: Imported  from Belgium and sold in Britain, “Instant Egg White”, a boost for Britain’s Lazy Chefs