Funeral service of an 18 year old British relative

There was a funeral service today of one of my relatives who was killed due to him taking recreational drugs whilst on a gap year abroad. He was  18 years of age, just out of school, and was about to go to uni.

His British parents had shelled out loads to take him to the best prep and boarding schools in the country. He appeared to mix with public school ‘party thrill seekers’. In his obituary, it said he ‘tragically died whilst on a charity trip’.  His father is a very high profile Tory donor.

This is the first member of my family who die in this way, most tend to die of natural causes and the ones that die young, tend to be in war or illness.

His body had to be sent back to the UK. He leaves behind a younger sibling. It is so frustrating for some young people to be so reckless with their lives and was so entirely preventable if he didn’t take drugs.  There is so much information out there, but some people still continue to ignore it. Just a waste of a life.


Duke of Westminster & Being sent to Boarding School at Seven

The Duke of Westminster, on Desert Island Discs, said that he didn’t like being sent away at seven  to Sunningdale School,  in Berkshire, which was part of his family tradition..

My own father went to that prep school and  all he remembered about that it was being good at the high jump, but he also remembered being sent away at around seven years old too, and being deeply unhappy.    Though my own brother went to boarding school at about twelve, it was certainly better than at seven, but  in his case, it suited him.  Everyone in our own family thinks it is wrong to send children at seven to boarding school.

We should question this tradition, and it is great that the Duke of Westminster had brought this matter up.