Review: LUSH Toothy Tabs

I was looking for a toothpaste that was different from the usual ‘mint and mint’ sort, which gets really unimaginative after a while and was pleased to see that LUSH in Tunbridge Wells do some fabulous ones, with essential oils.

I didn’t realise that LUSH even did toothpastes until I peered in their new #lushspring catalogue – this was great.

In fact, they do a  whole range  of these Toothy Tabs’: Limelight, Dirty, Miles of Smiles, Sparkle, Boom, Bling, and Oral Pleasure, which is the one I tested today. The name is a bit off putting and overtly sexual, as I am Ace, the whole sexual marketing is lost on me, but I just wanted a decent toothpaste, that oozed quality and freshness.

The product is even fluoride free, an added bonus, and the bottle carries the ‘fighting animal testing’ logo, and it is made of recycled plastic (this may not be perfect as it can still end up in our rivers, but at least the company is making some effort, unlike a lot of other businesses. I work on the rivers, and so far, I haven’t found any of these plastic bottles and I am glad that LUSH encourage you to reuse it or recycle it at home although there are only so many uses for this small bottle. Instead of sugar, each tab has sorbitol which is made from corn syrup (so  people watch out for that). 

A tab from ‘Oral Pleasure’,  tastes like passion fruit when you try one, and  can feel like you have a gloop of fizzy purple sherbet dip in your mouth, fortunately this soon goes, leaving you with amazing breath which lasts for hours. So when you are walking past someone, there is a nice smell of subtle, freshness about in the air without it being all overpowering. This is a great product for first impressions, and excellent to help raise your confidence too.


The instructions on the bottle say to nibble it, (yes, this is LUSH speak), but I think it just gets too weird and frothy, so I recommend you put the passion fruit tab into an egg cup, add a bit of water, dip your toothbrush in it, brush your teeth and spit it out. The best bit is afterwards, when you get this amazing fresh breath, that probably reaches space.

Would I use this again? Most definitely. I was looking for something for ‘Well-being’, and this is IT! I did get a free bottle, but I would have got it anyway, and I highly recommend this particular one. I gave a few away to a friend, who really wants to try them and I look forward to hearing what she thinks.


The Small print….

Price: 5.95 for a bottle of 50g. I recommend using them for special occasions, which would add more value. If you use it infrequently, it would be even more special.




Planes flying to Gatwick during Storm Katie



PHOTO: ‘Aftermath of Storm Katie’. Think I was one of the lucky ones, just a few flowerpots knocked over, a couple of garden chairs and a fence. No trampolines landed in my garden, even though my neighbour has one.

I was up much of the night with fellow Storm Watchers  online whilst the weather was howling around me – I couldn’t get to sleep until two in the morning.

I was also following Flightradar, the online fighttracker, and watching the planes hovering round Gatwick trying to land. They were then being diverted to other airports because they were unable to.

Now, what gets me, is that ordinary members of the public get weather warnings and Government officials tell them not travel but this  did not seem to get through to commercial airlines such as Easyjet.  I could hear their planes going  overhead, right during the height of the winds, just when the Met Office advised us exactly when  they were going to happen. There were also reports of low visability. It really snacks of profits over safety.

When I went up in a small plane in Biggin Hill a few years ago, the pilot was very conscious of the fact that we would only fly when the conditions were right. Of course, commercial planes can be a bit different, but, even so, putting passengers’ lives at risk in a massive storm is ludicrous and irresponsible.

Nowadays, planes bearly have enough fuel to even get to the airport, and it is a wonder how some even managed to get as far as Manchester. Passengers were praising the pilot for ‘landing successfully’ in some cases, but what if it all went wrong? This is one reasons I don’t like flying anymore. I don’t always feel pilots make the correct decision and I wonder what their insurance companies would  have said. I expect they were also pressurised by their profit grabbing superiors, and others in the industry. This type of stuff also raises concerns for those who may be under their flightpath, should a Gatwick extension go ahead.

My First Ever Bloggers’ Event at Lush Tunbridge Wells


PHOTO: Fellow bloggers watching what Lush beauty products can  really do, besides making people feel great.

I was lucky to receive an Invite from Lush Tunbridge Wells on Saturday, 26th April 2016. They had a two hour evening event to raise awareness of their Fukushima Campaign and to learn more about their other campaigns and products.

I was regular Lush customer (visiting Lush Tunbridge Wells and the one in London Waterloo on occasions, who became interested in Lush because of its more natural products, progressive and inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility  and sustainable approach to its business. (They could certainly inspire other Tunbridge Wells businesses to do something similar). As I have said,  I am also interested in the Wellbeing factor, the products make you feel great. So Mental Health is a top factor for me. You can be beautiful, but are you really happy?  I’d like to see people with dementia use these wonderful smellies, just seeing the effect on them would be brilliant.  I can see myself using these products for the rest of my life. We all need a pamper, it is great for our confidence and self-esteem.

As this was very my first Blogger event, it was a whole new experience for me,  as I normally write about citizen journalism and do stuff on my own. As I also now do reviews, I found myself  in ‘serious mass blogger’ territory, and in this case, the Beauty Blog World. I never knew we had so many bloggers in and round Tunbridge Wells. In some ways, it was a bit worrying, as women are nowadays still very under pressure to ‘look beautiful’ all the time.

Of course, I felt out of place in this Beauty Blogger World, as being a Citizen Journalist  we don’t exactly want to draw attention to ourselves with all this heavy make up and stuff.In this case, I went as a hippy Blogger ‘who was interested in the Environment and Wellbeing rather than being focussed with all the beauty stuff. I am more into practical products.  I wore my  handprinted T shirt which I collagraphed from some marine plastic and beer can tabs, I found littering the Thames. That was as far as my ‘fashion statement’ went. I was ‘Living Art’. However, in Tunbridge Wells, it may have been a bit wild, but there we go, and I don’t really care!

As I work outdoors a lot, and doing environmental science work along the River Thames, I do get very messy  (I mean we are talking of a ‘possible risk of getting Veil’s disease’ as I work  closely with filthy water, so it is nice to come home and have a proper pamper and soak. I like really good stuff, rather than that nasty chemical junk from Superdrug and Boots.   I also get stressed,hence I like to be outside and away from everything, and anything that makes me feel great is a good thing. Rather have a quality, animal friendly, bath bomb than a hangover, I say. It was good to see young people do  something a lot more healthy and fun on a Saturday night that spending all the evening, boozing and splayed out all over the street, and wrecking their bodies. These young people clearly took care of themselves, and of the planet.

Sometimes having Mental Health issues is a good thing, we get to have a lot of fun, it is not all doom and gloom.


PHOTO: Bloggers posing for a Fukushima Awareness Campaign


Despite having social anxiety, I braved going on my own to this event. I did nearly back out because it can be quite daunting.  Normally I avoid mingly events liked the plague, but fortunately Lush staff didn’t leave you on your own a lot, and there was also lots to see and do. Most of us these days lead very stressful lives and for a few moments in our lives we get some time where we are transported somewhere else.  They also have exciting, innovative products that I have never seen anywhere else. And the art, ah the art…..oh, this just takes things to another level. And the products are of course,  fun, another Mental Health brownie point.

DID YOU KNOW?  that Lush in Tunbridge Wells raised money for a local children’s adventure playground, andfor a Tunbridge Wells Hedgehog Sanctuary?  How many other businesses really get involved with their local community? Some business have an appalling CSR record. Even on Good Friday, staff were raising money in Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells, getting out there, meeting the locals, and taking action to improve the community.

And one more thing, DID YOU KNOW they even sell SPF 30 Sunblock? No? Well, I didn’t either so I will have go another time and stock up.

Lush are now running this excellent Fukushima campaign, and supporting survivors of the disaster. Look out for their Charity Pots which the campaign on them. Someone I knew was in the Kent Fire & Rescue when it happened, and he was sent over to Japan to help, just a few days after the event. I think it is really  important that Lush are remembering them all, and helping out with the support from Lush customers.


PHOTO: Reece, making the ‘Cupcake’ facemask mix. This had a gorgeous chocolate cookie aroma, and some bloggers were tempted to eat it.(Note: The products are safe but if people accidently eat too much, they’d best go the doctor! This chocolate mix had a bit of mud in, though you would completely forget about that because of the enticing ‘just baked’ aroma. 

I was pleased to see Blogger Helen from the having a go at making the butterball bomb (yes, the bomb smelt like fresh butter freshly made from the farm).

Thanks to the helpful staff at Lush Tunbridge Wells for the lovely event, with the healthy snacks and non alcoholic drinks too, a bonus.  I had a great time making stuff and learning what Lush does.



So now I need to test these products out, and will report back to you later. I have also been set  to do ‘some homework’, that is, to spent a week just using Cruelty Free Beauty Products. I have also been meaning to write a Review of a newly launched Penhaligan perfume, and I can’t wait for this.

If you attended the event, let me know what you thought.




Tired of Tonbridge, Er hem Times of Tonbridge – Review


My first impression of this new local newspaper for Tonbridge & Malling  is that it’s hugely dull, particularly with the formal layout with dreary spammy business articles and  ads for black company cars. It also dripped of being  NIMBY Middle England.

We now have lots of new newspapers these days which are livelier, more  interactive with the community, and less formal, which I think is more fitting in a modern age.

I visit London regularly and I often see commuters ignoring the Evening Standard now in favour of the Metro, and I have heard so many favourable comments about it, generally from the middle aged and younger community. In comparison to that, the Times of Tonbridge is quite pompous, with unimaginative corporate articles, and the majority of it being Tory propaganda. In fact, there is a big ‘smiley’ photo of the local Tory MP as part of the main front page story. It is curious how  on the Times of Tonbridge’s first front page newspaper article was a story that involves our local Tory MP.

As an anti-monarchist there is the usual drivel, written in a way to promote the royal institution, for the 23 March article such as there being a ‘rare chance to bid for a Lagonda owned by the Duke of Edinburgh’ and it  painfully continues, ‘A chance has arisen to own a completely unique car with a direct connection to the British Royal Family’. I don’t think I have met anyone of my age  in Tonbridge or anywhere else stupid enough to pine for an castoff owned by a royal parasite. I wonder if they will say the same if one of  Prince Andrew’s smashed up wrecks gets flogged off. There was also a huge ad for a company selling overpriced watches which ‘had a royal appointment’ next to its logo, as if that was a  selling point.



There are so many articles in the paper related to house prices, and once again, Tonbridge & Malling Council never fails to quip in.

As you may know, I love good photojournalism (though generally tasteful, as I don’t like insensitive photojournalism made to sell newspapers. The photos in the newspaper were ‘lazy’ with stock ‘Tonbridge Castle’ photos, contrived mugshots, or wooden photos right out of Linked in. There are several photos of people with their arms crossed which looked tedious as there were so many of them featured.

Despite all the health concerns, there were several spammy articles promoting booze, so you question the paper’s ethics.

There are some good points, however, in that it covers some campaigning issues such as Drytec, Southeastern and the Gatwick flight paths issues. The Letters page, though fairly balanced, had just seven letters . For the amount of people in Tonbridge & Malling, there ought to be a lot more letters to make the newcomers feel that there is more of a community, rather than a business paper. We want to hear other people’s views rather than read endless corporate self-promotion.

There didn’t seem to be anything about the deep social issues of Tonbridge life that the area is experiencing such as mental health, gambling, alcoholism, domestic violence and so on. It is highly selective ‘news’. It seemed to be a local paper without much ‘soul’. It is definitely not a paper for young people too, or those from a diverse cultural background, even if they have a lot to say.



Next: Review on New Day,  another national newspaper launched recently


(and while  am at it I spotted the following Review of the Times of Tonbridge  on Tonbridge Blog’s site