Notting Hill Carnival should be renamed ‘Stabbing Hill Carnival’

There comes a point when the Notting Hill Carnival gets 15 stabbings, over 450 arrests, loads of vandalism and dozens of injured police officers, when we need to  call it a day on the Notting Hill Carnival. Either that, reduce the numbers and get it ticketed or move it elsewhere to a more controlled area.

No one appears to be listening to the residents, the businesses or those refusing to go because ‘it is not a family event’ anymore. It is a Crime fest.

At Brighton Pride it was far safer despite large numbers attending, better managed and it was largely ticketed, only a handful of arrests.

The Notting Hill Carnival has become a notorious hot spot of criminal activity for years. The police can only do what they can but there comes a point we have to say that the event is now out-of-control. It is not a ‘fun’ event when where are stabbings and criminals roaming through wild.

I have been there a few times, but I would not go on the Monday anymore. Martial arts friends who have been there, who I used to go on a course with, said they narrowly missed being stabbed at the event and even they refuse to go now.

I feel sorry for the local businesses and residents to have to put up with all the anti social behaviour in their gardens too. The numbers need to be restricted and it needs to be ticketed. We have seen from the Hyde Park stabbing frenzies that large unticketed events do not work.  Coming from a hospitality background myself, the Notting Hill Carnival looks highly disorganised. The police have done some great work trying to arrest a lot of trouble makers, but I expect they only got some of them. As an Event Steward, I am used to see businesses and residents  supporting local festivals, cheering people on, but at the Notting Hill Festival many of them want to leave their property and business! There is something wrong here.

It is time for change, people have changed and knife crime is getting worse. Let’s hope that Sadiq Khan takes some action. I have contacted the Met for more data on the event and data on how many women and men were arrested.

Not all lefties such a myself support anti-social  criminal behaviour.  Lefties want to feel safe too!