Love it! Traditional Chinese Baby bangles

I wanted to buy my new baby nephew something special, and something to hand down in the family. I didn’t want and ‘baby tat’.

So I bought a beautiful Sterling Silver chinese baby bangle. I have never heard of this concept (bear in mind I am never around babies). I was aware that some babies these days have earrings, but I thought that was dangerous, and a bit tacky. I was lucky to have strong Chinese connections myself, even though I am not Chinese, but I have always been very drawn and interested in their traditions, ideology and thoughtful idea.

I was lucky to find a local jeweller at a stall at the Surrey Quays, in Rotherhithe, London who sells wonderful, intricate and meaningful silver baby bangles.

Chinese bangles are a traditional custom for Chinese famillies to give to newborns which helps give them good luck. These bangles are adjustable and can fit a baby up to a child of five. In a world where things are more global, I think it is great to spread this idea to Western babies too.

The one I have in the photo has a message to give the baby which is ‘protection wherever the baby goes‘ and it is decorated with cherry blossoms. My nephew was born in the spring of 2017 so it is ideal. My own great-aunt gave me a chinese silver token when I was a child and I thought it was nice that I could carry on this one. It is really cute and the baby would love the jingly bangles.

I decided not to tell the family what the message was, but leave it up to them and the child to find out for themselves so it would add more fun and meaning. It will also be a talking piece. This are wonderful gifts for a baby shower and particularly by close relatives and special people.


A little world of caution: Some people can be allergic to silver, so you can try the bangle on a different arm and see what happens. This item would not be good for a baby who is teething.

For famillies (and expats) who are looking for Chinese baby gift ideas and inspiration, see