Grace & Green are looking for journalists who will work for free – What a scramble!

Grace & Green, a lifestyle brand, has been looking for desperate bloggers to work 6-8 a week, completely unpaid,for their launch in the Autumn. Their values are ‘ethics, honesty, transparency and sustainability’. The organisation is run by Frances Lucraft.

They claim their internship is ‘initially unpaid’ but ‘could’ evolve into a paid position to the ‘right candidate’, so, there is no guarantee

    of any future work.

    The position has a raft of serious responsibilities, and the unfortunate blogger who works for free, must have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

    All bloggers will get is ‘a profile and recognition on our website and social media platforms, the opportunity to be part of a passionate team (some unpaid I expect) and invaluable insight into the life of an exciting start up, valuable transferable skills, articles and blog content to use as writing samples for a career in journalism, media or communications’ and a good, strong, reference’. The job ad does not state whether any expenses will be paid.

    I think that everyone who works for a profitable organisations should be paid, and that includes internships.

    The Government states that people should receive the National Minimum Wage in the UK if you are performing the role of a worker. The vast majority of interns are classed as workers. You should also consider the work should be for your benefit, not the employer’s. If you are part of a commercial operation of a business, you’re likely to be entitled to payment, though there are exceptions.

    The link to the job ad: and a copy of the job ad has gone to HMRC to investigate.


“Awful environment”- Half of South East Coast Ambulance staff (SECamb) report toxic workplace bullying & harassment

The BBC said in a university report that there has been a culture of workplace abuse and bullying within the state-run NHS Ambulance service in England.

'In his report, Prof Duncan Lewis from the University of Plymouth said: "Common decency is a right, not a privilege, and harassment or bullying, including sexual harassment must end now."

He pinpointed that their headquarters in Coxheath in Kent and Tangmere in West Sussex as areas "plagued by poor practices/behaviours".

On their website, in the Careers section, SECamb states they are "Operating in the area which was the birth place of the UK paramedic, you could soon be working for one of the most innovative and forward thinking ambulance trusts in the country."

And, in their statement about their 'values', they claim they 'show respect' as you can see here: Basic standards appear to be ignored by poor management and ineffective HR.

It is totally unacceptable that staff are being bullied in the Ambulance Service. We all need respect at work. It is reflects badly on the organisation and its management, and of course morale. The staff do some great work, and I have had to use them on occasions, but there should not be a culture of workplace bullying and harassment, and employees must not be silenced.

One ambulance worker said on a BBC forum said it was so bad that he had to leave and the culture of bullying within the organisation 'went on for years'. Another person wrote on Glassdoor, a review site for employees and jobseekers, said it was an 'Awful Environment' and another said 'It was OK unless you have an opinion'.



BBC's link here:

Useful information on Workplace Abuse (and help (They are on your side

  • )

    Bullying UK:

    I have also been carrying my own Workplace Bullying Survey over the last year and you can complete my one here. This is for all organisations, including charities.

  • UK: Introverts being discriminated by Recruitment Agencies and Employers

    Many employers are calling for outgoing people to work for them in some jobs, even though this is not always necessary for some of them.

    In some job ads they are calling out for ‘bubbly and outgoing’ people. Introverts, can be Extrovert Introverts and many Introverts can ‘also put it on’ if they have to. It is up to them if they can do the job. Introverts can be friendly, kind and talented but no, some employers want loud people.

    Employers, not only want people to have the right experience, and qualifications, but they want ‘the right personality’ too. This makes it very hard in, an already very difficult jobs market.

    Employers need to recognise the contribution of quiet and introverted people in the workplace, rather than discriminate against them. In a country that is reknowned, for its reserved introverts, it seems a bit bonkers.

    Successful Introverts

    Why workplaces need Introverts

    Introvert Pride on Facebook

    Kent: Passengers on South Eastern Railway take their dogs to work today

    It is National #Takeyourdogtowork day which is great for mental health in the workplace, and gets the dog out too, and, of course, immensely spoiled.

    I was pleased to see some railway passengers taking their beagle to work this morning, on my way to London Bridge. The lady took the dog after 10am and avoided the crowded rush hour so he was quite comfortable.

    Hope to see more and more people take their dogs to work, perhaps more often than a day, to help animal welfare charities and reduce workplace stress and sickness. It also makes the workplace more fun and ‘human’.

    To take part next year, keep a note of this website: for details.

    UK: It’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day on 23 June, 2017

    Improve your wellbeing in the workplace and help raise money for animal welfare charities by bringing your dog to work on Friday. Bring some ‘pet therapy’ to help reduce workplace stress.

    If you would like to take part see for details.

    Bear mind in mind that it could be hot as here in the UK we are having a heatwave, so avoid taking it to work in a car or hot workplace etc.

    Thanks to the list of fantastic Sponsors supporting this day :-</em

    UK Age Discrimination & Job Ads

    Age discrimination is a big problem in British society and some job ads are targetting younger employees to avoid paying higher wages or for other reasons.

    This is just one example from of a job ad in Kent:-

    “The XXX organisation is seeking to recruit a full time receptionist for their main office located in Sevenoaks.

    The role will be responsible for operating the Group switchboard, meeting and greeting visitors to the building as well as providing assistance to the Facilities department during busy periods.

    This would be an ideal role for a school or college leaver, looking to start their career within an office environment.”

    Beaulieu has got in touch with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and ACAs for their comments. The organisation concerned has also been contacted.

    If you see any other similar job adverts,  please show them to us and share your experiences of age discrimination and any positive outcomes.



    UK: Mint Staffing – Agency staff & Businesses claim they’ve been unpaid

    Several angry staff employed by @Mintstaffing , who supply highly trained hospitality staff for such events as  Pride Brighton, football events and the Grand National, claim that they have not been paid  on Twitter.

    Many people who have contacted Mint Staffing  about have  been blocked by the Agency.Their website is  also down, and goes to a white page with ‘GONE’ on the banner:-

    (10/08/2016) Update: The website above now works, all very strange.

    Companies House confirm they do not have a company registered Mint Staffing Solutions but have a Mint Staffing Limited, based in Manchester.

    Those who have not been plan to  take this matter up further.


    Stupid Corporate High Heels policies, this is only half of it


    I fully support Nicola Thorp, the temporary receptionist who refused to wear high heels at her assignment at accountancy firm PwC. What a sexist and impractical policy.

    In my experience as a receptionist,  I was told by a young twenty-something female boss to wear make up. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t, after all, it is a free country and I had to be there for 7am after all, so getting up much earlier could be a real nuisance. I also felt that if I didn’t wear much make up, I would get less sleazy customers hanging round my desk and get less sexist comments. As a woman, it is up to us, not the company if we want to put on some slap anyway.

    I generally wear flat shoes or one inch heels at the workplace, and I have never had a problem. My job involved doing a lot of walking, and going up flights of stairs.  One of my main reasons for not wearing high heels is safety. I can avoid tripping, getting my feet stuck in wooden floor boards, damaging carpets and I can run to escape things. I can’t walk in very high heels at all, and they get ruined so quickly whch is timeconsuming and expensive.  In over 30 years, I have never had any company comment on this issue. Only stupid companies would do this. I am very happy with my good quality Clarks shoes.

    I was lucky enough to be allowed to wear smart trousers, and not get any grief from wearing these, though if I wore a skirt and didn’t shave my legs  I would have got my knuckles wrapped for that.

    Working in companies is about now about image. In fact you could be a really horrible person inside, but the fact that you ‘look the part’ you are more likely to get that job.  I have seen some staff who look ‘good’, but have run away with the office cash. Integrity is more important than image.

    Big companies are getting more institionalised, and our private lives are now ‘becoming part of the working life’ as staff get into trouble for posting unsuitable things on Facebook that their company may not agree with.

    They are even encroaching onto your charity work too. One organisation I worked at didn’t like me having a Charity sponsorship form at the my desk, as he thought it may ‘upset’ customers.  I was asked to remove it. There was nothing in the contract telling me not to do this.

    I would love to hear from others about what petty rules their workplaces inflicted upon them, and did you stand up to them?

    It is time we did what Nicola Thorp did, and stand up to corporate bullies and petty rules.  

    Please sign the Petition on There are now over 100, 000 signatures  and I am pleased that this issue will now be debated in Parliament.