Byron Restaurant: The “Black Halo Syndrome”

I have worked in restaurants, and everyone of course has to provide the employer with details of their ID. In the restaurant business, employers get fined thousands if the employ an illegal worker and reputable businesses don’t want that. The costs could even close  down some smaller family businesses. 

Some of the 35 workers involved in the story allegedly used sophisticated  counterfeit ID and tricked their own employer, and disrespected the country they chose to work in. The employer tricked them and they tricked the employer.

At the end of the day, if they were not called to a ‘Health and Safety’ meeting, many workers would have fled, and the business fined.  It was a difficult choice but the workers were legally in the wrong, but it is a lifestyle choice. Some even had kids – I mean, who would bring up kids in such  a precarious environment?

I have had Australian visas and worked with the Immigration Service and if you do the right things you have no problem.I have also had experience ofHome Office Entry Clearance visas and again, we did the right thing even if it took months.  Everyone knows that if you are illegal, most countries take a tough stance.

A whole load of activists started pouring insects in the restaurant – when activists use innocent animals or insects, that is cruel and disgusting.

I call this behaviour, the’ Black Halo Syndrome’ when groups of people form together,sometimes well meaning people,  and blame other people for being tough, when their ‘protected group’  broke the law.

 Same thing happened in Bikestormz when groups of online  cyclists  condoned  the criminal behaviour  of other cyclists  who stormed through London recently breaking many laws and selfishingly disrupting other  people and  the emergency services, for the sake of ‘fun’. It was extraordinary behaviour.

Some activists  seem to want one rule for them, one rule for others, even though  in  civilised society condones illegal behaviour.  Of course, some laws are rubbish, but this isn’t  one of them. Don’t lie to your employer, it won’t end well. Accept your group is wrong and it is a waste of time supporting them. Support those who do the right thing.