London Mini Heroes: The Man on the 133 Bus at London Bridge

A blind man got on the 133 bus this evening, at around 5.30pm. The bus stop was at London Bridge and the bus was heading towards Borough.

I was a bit concerned that no one was going to give him a priority seat, but I was pleased to see that a white man with glasses, in 20s/early 30S chose to give him a seat, although I think he looked a bit miffed as he had to stand up in a crowded bus. However, it was very nice of him and I thought I would record him in my ‘Mini London Heroes’.


A Random Act of Kindness in Waitrose

I was at the Waitrose café about to pay for my cake.

This kid asked her father (politely) if she could have a gingerbread man. The parent said ‘no’, (as she and already ordered a small muffin) and she was disappointed. (Yes, she was being greedy!).

However, just for fun, I thought it would be great to teach younger generation ‘random acts of kindnesses), and also that life can be nice sometimes, and fun. So I bought the primary school kid the gingerbread man and said ‘this is a random act of kindness’ for you.

Both of them smiled, and the Waitrose assistant was taken back (maybe he never saw any Waitose customers do this) and the parent asked her to say ‘thank you’.

It went all very well, so much so that the kid handed me a shopping bag that someone left at the counter which had keys in it, and she thought it was mine!

South London: I decided to hand out free ice creams in memory of the Manchester Attack victims #randomactsofkindness


PHOTO: An empty FAB packet.

We need to make change instead of just talking about it. So in memory of the Manchester victims I gave out free ice creams to random people in South London today, which was a very hot day. I gave out my favourite ones ie Fab and Solero.

These are the people who received them (and they all were very appreciative).

1) a window cleaner
2) a Co-op Funeralcare staff Member
3) Three builders sitting outside a pub, getting hot and bothered
4) And old man sitting all by himself
5) Two staff members at a Computer discount store

We need to end violence but we have to do this at grass roots level. Kindness goes along way. We need to engage in the community again. Hopefully this article will inspire others to do a random act of kindness.

NOTE: I paid for the ice-creams from my own money. I did not receive any freebies. You can get some good icecream deals from Tesco though.