Tonbridge: Police attend Chestnut Lodge Care Home

Police attended a care home run by Tonbridge Care Ltd  in Kent on the evening of 6th June, 2016 after a report that there had been a suspected theft of a bank card, according to Kent Police on Twitter after enquiries were made by Beaulieu.

The business used to be managed by another company, Krinvest Ltd..

On the care home’s website, it states that it has “a thirty-two capacity facility, with en-suite rooms and interiors in which residents can feel at home and secure, while having access to personal interests and well-tended gardens”. However, recently there has been more building work to increase capacity.

The business has accommodation for people who require nursing or personal care, dementia, caring for adults over 65 yrs.

Carers’ Week started on 6th June and runs till the 12th.



Above: Police attend the Chestnut Lodge Care Home

Copyright: Beaulieu 2016

There have been previous cases of people stealing bank cards from residents in care homes, and some use distraction techniques in order to do so.  One staff worker in an Kansas nursing home, for example, offered to help the  elderly resident by  ‘looking after her bag’, while the lady went and did something else, the thief then pinched the card.

I include a link below of another case of bank card theft at a care home , but fortunately the thief managed to be tracked by CCTV: