Christening and Naming Ceremony?Think of the Child

I think being ‘forced’ to be raised as a Christian or any other faith is wrong. I like the idea of ‘naming ceremonies’ so the child can choose whether it wants to follow a religion or not. I would respect the child’s wishes.

One of my relatives is a Catholic and already, the baby is going to have a christening because ‘it is tradition’. This totally disrespects his own future beliefs. I would actually say that the Christian faith is so dominant, that even the atheist father has ‘no say’ either. I would add that he is not too happy either, but ‘is going along’ to keep the peace.

The baby has godparents too, but they appear to be Church of England and not Churchgoers, unless, of course, there is a wedding, christening and funeral.I don’t think they could even find Catholics!

I am not attending the Christening as it is a religious ceremony and it goes against my own values, but I am getting them a nice present which has no religious meaning, but is thoughtful. The parents are ok about that, as ‘they know what I am like’. Going would also be ‘feeding this culture’ of forced religion.

I was brought up in an atheist and Christian household. I was lucky to have one atheist in my family rather than two true believer Christians. However, I was very much ‘verbally, physically and spiritually abused’ if I did not go to Sunday School by one parent. I was forced to go to a Christian school, one being a Convent too. I had no say. I was an atheist throughout my whole life and remember saying so in childhood.

When the nuns asked me if I would like to be confirmed, I said ‘No’. This gave me a feeling of triumph. I was well aware they had previously used the cane too and I have seen abuse in the Convent by some teachers. They had lower values to me. I have other experiences of the faith too, mostly negative. However, I thought that was the first time I was heard, and that was actually in a bloody Convent. I did have a lot of respect for some sisters, like Sister Bernadette, but not for the other ones. She used to show us secret war-time tunnels in the Convent Chapel, and I loved that, but not her religion, although I thought some rituals were ‘cool’.

Choosing to be follow a religion, should not be taken lightly, particularly with Catholicism, with its outdated rules, and also as so many priests have abused children. This is now a worry to me as a friend was abused by someone in the Church of England. He hasn’t gone to the police yet though. I will have to keep an eye on the child’s safety, from a distance.

Come on parents, let the child choose whether it wants to follow a religion or not. Give them a Naming Ceremony. Otherwise it is a form of abuse, and the child won’t have respect for you.


England: “Because it’s Tradition”, we do weird & stupid things.


I always find that State Opening of Parliament fills me with nausea. We have this cringeworthy spectacle for an unelected woman to make a speech in Parliament, a supposed democratic institution. (hello?) Is it just me to thinks this is weird?. The mass media never talk about this. It is like the elephant in the room.

Then I also get annoyed that the soldiers in their bearskin hats are outside Parliament in a 32C heatwave, and are not being allowed to take them off ‘because of tradition’. It is just ‘not good form’ to do that. So soldiers are expected to faint instead. What kind of culture are we in? The class system is plain stupid. What kind of army leaders do we have? What, a ‘real soldier’ doesn’t take his bearskin off? The Queen didn’t seem bothered at all that they were very uncomfortable. Well, she is of a different generation. After all these years, they still make soldiers keep them on. Why don’t soldiers stand up to this nonsense – they are probably court martialled if they do, or bullied.

Even 91-year-olds like the Queen should not be out in a heatwave, on the ‘hottest day of the year’ and the NHS encourages us all to ‘check on their neighbours’ and to keep out of the sun from 11-3pm. Haven’t we forgotten that we are human? In countries like Spain, they have siestas for times like this, but no, we English go ‘out in the Midday Sun’ as the song says. And a lot of the time, we don’t even wear hats either to protect us from the high UV levels, which again, the Government warns us out. Some Brits have second degree burns because they don’t even use any sun protection, unlike people in other hot countries.

What about the emergency services who are inundated with people ignoring Government public health heatwave advice? Why don’t public health warnings apply supposed old people like the Queen? Why couldn’t the Queen just get Prince Charles do her job, at least she wouldn’t be out in the heat getting roasted? No, the Queen has to be out in a heatwave at 91 years old, ‘because it is tradition’, and even then, she’s stubborn enough to be out there during this time because ‘she wants to’.

I understand that the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, has been taken to hospital yet the Queen would appear to be at the State Opening of Parliament, instead of being with him during the day. And, after that, she even went to Ascot in the heatwave. All because she cannot upset ‘tradition’.

Horses should not be racing on the hottest day of the year either, and she is supposed to be a horsewoman. advise “Know your horse and signs of heat stroke. Heat stroke can happen anytime your horse is exposed to excessive heat that his body cannot handle. Heatstroke can happen if exercising in hot conditions, but be aware that it can also happen if standing in a hot stall or trailer.” I am at a stables, we keep our horses cool, and none of them have even been out riding in the heat today. The racing industry can be appalling and greedy. The Queen should not be encouraging racing in this weather too. Why not have race times only in the cooler part of the day, or would that ‘not be tradition’? I would rather ‘blow tradition’ than have a sick horse to attend to. I don’t hear anything from the vets at Ascot, maybe they are gagged or are ‘enablers’ of the greedy racing industry in a heatwave, after all, they get a free day out at Ascot.

There comes a point in life that doing the ‘right thing’ is taking the time off work for family reasons, health reasons and animal welfare, this is more important than ‘being on show’. Some traditions are plain stupid, and even more so, in a heatwave. Being a younger generation than most of the old fogies who carry on making these stupid rules, I make my own stamp, by standing up to it and questioning it.

Some people who do ‘challenge things’, actually comes from kids. Recently a academy school banned kids from wearing shorts during a heatweave, so the boys wore skirts as a form of protest and got lots of media coverage. Why can’t boiling soldiers all together, in a band of brothers’. and make a stand, why can’t horse grooms make a stand for their horses? Even the journalists are made to wear suits in a heatwave, ‘for show’, which is ridiculous too. Sometimes were Brits are a bunch of wimps and won’t say boo to a goose!

We have to question our culture, but adults never seem to learn, and that’s a tradition too!

++ Note I am typing this in a library, keeping cool with fans.