Stabbed Roy Larner, Millwall fan, fundraiser raises nearly £46k

Roy Larner, 47, who was stabbed eight times by terrorists in the London Attack at the weekend, now has over £40k in his fundraiser account thanks to Millwall fans and supporters.

Roy Larner, is the father of the sister of Youtube English Language specialist, Jade Joddle, who I regularly watch on Youtube (and sometimes disagree with). She said that she also backs him although sometimes they didn’t get on.

As a Millwall fan myself (and sometimes disagreeing with their behaviour sometimes,even though it is my team), this is what we Millwall fans want to hear. Let’s get rid of ‘No one Likes us’ and change it to ‘Millwall, Proud to be a Lion’ in honour of Roy Larner, a true Millwall Hero.

Roy Larner’s Fundraising Account here:


Match of the Day – Big Pants Watch

Never mind the cycling on #Rio2016, many people in Britain are staying up late this evening to watch if Gary Lineker  will present Match of the Day wearing his pants after losing a bet about Leicester City.  Imagine many us all sitting on our sofas right now with baited breath…

Well, we had a bit of a ‘teaser’ earlier as he was spotted with an ironing board…that was a good sign……

At 1030 when Match of the Day  started – he actually did it, although he wore Leicester City white boxers, which really isn’t the same as dodgy Y-fronts. Then  my friend promptly spilt his coffee on the sofa….and this was not even his sofa – it was his sister’s, who’s on holiday and he now has got some explaining to do…


Facing the Music after the Millwall fracas

Millwall supporters had  to face being accosted by their colleagues, who supported other teams at their workplaces, after the match. 

It was virtually impossible  for them to ‘lie low’ this week, unless they took sick leave or went on long holiday to the other side of the planet. (Prince Andrew also manages to do something similar when he gets up to all sorts of misdemeanors).

One Millwall fan, a charity worker  from Bermondsey, was grabbed by a woman colleague who’s husband supported Barnsley, and went to Wembley on the Sunday with his small son. She said her husband was appalled at fans’ behaviour outside the stadium and was very concerned for the safety of his son as they were being  so obnoxious. The Millwall fan made it it clear that, though a minority of fans did behave like stupid twats, he certainly did not condone their behaviour.

Naturally, I also was approached by a guy, early on Wednesday, who supported another team and went to a match the very next day at Wembley. He said,  “Oh, this happens at all clubs, a lot of the problem is fans having too much to drink’, though Millwall seems to be worse than others”.

I asked him how the Bank Holiday match went,  he said , “it was quiet, and his team won”.

Unfortunately, the behaviour at Millwall, and in Bermondsey too, won’t be something people will forget for a long time.


Open Letter to Barnsley FC from a Millwall Fan

I’ve been a Millwall fan for a few years. It’s  my local club. I don’t really understand football that much, but I like to go occasionally because I like the atmosphere and banter.

Although I had tickets for the Millwall v Barnsley match at Wembley,  I couldn’t go as I was unwell. This was really frustrating, but these things happen. However, in light of what happened, perhaps it was for the best. I would have been embarrassed by what happened.

I was horrified to see that some Millwall ‘fans’ were causing trouble in the stalls. This isn’t acceptable at all. Whether they were provoked or not, it makes no difference. In sport we should have respect and sportsmanship. If we lost, we should just try harder.

As a Millwall fan who doesn’t drink or fight (yes, there are some) I just want to to watch the game.I am sure there are lot of fans like me who feel the same.

When I saw what they were also doing in Bermondsey yesterday evening too, some fans clearly had no respect for their  own Home Town either, let alone Wembley.

I would just like to say to you, that not all Millwall fans are like that, and well done for your win, it was well deserved.

A Millwall fan.




Rogue Millwall ‘fans’ wreck Bermondsey

by Beaulieu, London Citizen Journalist, Unreported News


Groups of drunk Millwall fans returned to Bermondsey from the Millwall v Barnsley Play-off  at Wembley Stadium yesterday evening.

Some males, aged about twenty-something, came out from Bermondsey Tube Station and started urinating on residents’ houses nearby. (Basic personal hygiene completely went of the window as obviously no loo paper was being used either ).  Other anti-social  Millwall fans left trails of sticky gray vomit on nearby streets. They showed little respect to their hometown, the home of The Den, their Club. Staff working for Transport for London got involved, including the British Transport Police.

Problems did not just occur at Wembley Stadium but elsewhere on the tube network too, when other  football fans reported on Twitter that some aggressive alcohol-fuelled Millwall supporters were chucking beer cans at women on the tube.

The majority of Millwall fans were absolutely fine. Some fans were so embarrassed by the drunk fans’  anti social behaviour they reported them to the police.

Once again it is the minority of supporters that spoil it for everyone else and going so far as wrecking their home town, these ‘fans’ are an embarrassment to Bermondsey too.


Millwall FC released a short statement:


ABOVE: Note written on Play-Off Final Flag 2016



Grimsby Town FC fans celebrate Final Win


RESULTS: Forest Green Rovers 1 Grimby FC 3.

Grimsby FC fans of all ages were out enforce at Trafalgar Square  celebrating their team’s fantastic win at Wembley on Sunday, 15th May.

Grimsby Town  have now returned to the Football League after a whopping six-year absence with victory over Forest Green Rovers in the National League promotion final.

I was  impressed by the great family atmosphere in London and that many fans even cleared up  their rubbish on Trafalgar Square.

These fans were a great example to other football teams, although some mini Grimsby fans were seen ‘battering’ each other over the head with their plastic fish.