London Bridge Station users are disrupted by Prince William’s Visit to the Shard

Prince William, who was speaking for Tusk at an event for the Shard today, disrupted several commuters at London Bridge as the Press and Police gathered at the station.  A helicopter was also circling the area.

One passenger on social media who was blind was unable to get any help at the station as staff were too busy watching the royal.

Some businesses were affected as office workers struggled to buy their lunch.  Salaried media invited to the Shard exchanged very positive tweets about the visit.


Crowdsourcing for Good Samaritan Katie Cutler raises over £5,000 in hours for whopping Claire Barber PR bill

Good Samaritan and beautician from Gateshead, England, dubbed ‘The Angel of the North’, Katie Cutler,  23, raised nearly £330,000 for Alan Barnes, a disabled pensioner who was mugged by thugs. He managed to buy himself a home with the money.

Unfortunately, she faced a massive bill of nearly £7000 from public relations company @Claire BarberPR. She also is having to pay for legal costs as she is now getting a solicitor.

There have been several fundraising pages for her, a Justgiving and a Gofundme account:-

Beaulieu helped raise the fundraising profiles with free social media coverage. Always good to get nice people in the world. Young people can often get a bad rep in the media.

Never mind getting a job on some reality programme, go into politics Katie, you have made more of a difference than many politicians have. You have done a lot to inspire people of all ages.

Thanks to all those who are spreading the word and have chipped in, even if it is a small amount.

 Since this article was posted, my own blog stats has spiked too. I am getting many viewers from overseas, including Japan, Spain, Germany and the United States. Furthermore several of ‘Katie supporters’ have been blocked by ClaireBarberPR on Twitter including myself!


New TfL Badge Pilot Trial not available for disabled people who use the tube less than once a week

Transport for London are keen for people to trial a new ‘Please-Offer-me-A-Seat Badge’  scheme for those who need a seat but are unable to obtain one as they have an ‘invisible condition or disability’; and the current Priority Badge system does not allow for those who have invisible conditions, such as some cancers.

Those who wanted to take part in the Pilot Scheme are now  being turned way from taking part if they use the tube less than once a week. Tfl states that they are ineligible‘ after they have completed the Survey.

Many passengers who use the tube less that once a week can be the ones that avoid the Underground because of their condition or for other reasons, such as only going to hospital a few times a month. Others may have to go to hospital every day for a week but not on other days in the month.

Volunteers wanted to take part in the Pilot Scheme as it would help increase their confidence in using the tube and  to provide Tfl with valuable feedback.

To ban them from the Pilot Scheme is unacceptable.