Rio2016 is becoming a Farce

I thought Rio2016 was going to be on the rather tedious side, with all these rather dull sports people trying outdoor each other. I think they seem to be getting duller and duller over the years, bit like tennis.

However, Rio 2016 seems to throw up a few ‘comedy elements’  such as  the suspended President who was unable to make the Opening Ceremony, the dodgy  youth hostel like accommodation, the Nigerians having the wrong Anthem played and now, the British Swimming team having had their swimming costumes nicked.

Let’s hope nothing happens to the horses and otherwise the riders will  have to go round in a Pantomine horse.


#rio2016. Nude Publicity Photos show desperation

Team GB’s Olympians are losing respect for themselves by stripping off naked. Even the men are at it now.

Their ego must be  very high for them to do this, but it is very sad that they feel compelled to show everyone, all and sundry, their bodies, including their granddads, uncles, even murderers who may be ogling at the photos. Being a celebrity  carries a risk of stalking, and stripping  naked may bring out the worst in some men. Their agents should protect them and provide body guards.

Whatever happened to the day, when people saved their bodies for their loved ones?