Open Letter to Barnsley FC from a Millwall Fan

I’ve been a Millwall fan for a few years. It’s  my local club. I don’t really understand football that much, but I like to go occasionally because I like the atmosphere and banter.

Although I had tickets for the Millwall v Barnsley match at Wembley,  I couldn’t go as I was unwell. This was really frustrating, but these things happen. However, in light of what happened, perhaps it was for the best. I would have been embarrassed by what happened.

I was horrified to see that some Millwall ‘fans’ were causing trouble in the stalls. This isn’t acceptable at all. Whether they were provoked or not, it makes no difference. In sport we should have respect and sportsmanship. If we lost, we should just try harder.

As a Millwall fan who doesn’t drink or fight (yes, there are some) I just want to to watch the game.I am sure there are lot of fans like me who feel the same.

When I saw what they were also doing in Bermondsey yesterday evening too, some fans clearly had no respect for their  own Home Town either, let alone Wembley.

I would just like to say to you, that not all Millwall fans are like that, and well done for your win, it was well deserved.

A Millwall fan.