Labrador, has emergency treatment after eating Bob Martin Prime Cuts tripe, sold at Tesco

Dog owners have warned others on Facebook about Bob Martin Prime Cuts tripe after a pet black Labrador, Merlin, had to be sent the vet for emergency treatment after a splinter. The owner has sent a complaint to Tesco.

One pug owner said, “The bone splintered and caused my friend’s dog to need emergency treatment at the vets yesterday, as he swallowed the shards and they got stuck and caused breathing difficulties She has made an official complaint and asked for the product to be removed”.

Merlin’s owner, said on Facebook, “The product is being sold as a chew bone for dogs, and yet reading about it online it states “may splinter” so they recognise this could be a problem and still sell it. I was lucky that Merlin is a healthy young labrador, as if it had happened to my aging westie he might not have survived the anesthetic necessary to remove the shards”.

On Bob Martin’s website ,, the front banner is of a happy labrador.

Beaulieu has asked @Tesco for response. The product is also sold at Waitrose.