Kent: Passengers on South Eastern Railway take their dogs to work today

It is National #Takeyourdogtowork day which is great for mental health in the workplace, and gets the dog out too, and, of course, immensely spoiled.

I was pleased to see some railway passengers taking their beagle to work this morning, on my way to London Bridge. The lady took the dog after 10am and avoided the crowded rush hour so he was quite comfortable.

Hope to see more and more people take their dogs to work, perhaps more often than a day, to help animal welfare charities and reduce workplace stress and sickness. It also makes the workplace more fun and ‘human’.

To take part next year, keep a note of this website: for details.

Sevenoaks: Bus Stop Rage over Nuisance Boarding

Angry bus users are up in arms at the bus stop outside the site of old Farmers’ pub which has been knocked down to make way for flats.  

Builders have put up boarding round the building site and have thoughtlessly extended it so that the people sitting at the bus stop cannot see the buses at all.

Protesters are calling people to complain to property company, Salisbury & Co in the High Street in Sevenoaks.