Recovering after Brexit

I am in shock that the Leave campaign has won.

However, I know there huge things wrong with the EU, one thing was that it was getting far too big, and Cameron was keen to take on Turkey as well, which has its own set of complications.  Population is a problem and we do need to control it in a manageable way.  The left have been ignoring this (and I am a lefty). We are now building all over the green belt too and I have had issues with people taking our jobs.

The whole thing is so complex but one of the main things why I wanted to stay in Remain was for the economy, health and safety and workers’ rights. 

I really don’t see it improving now, even after a couple of years. I see us becoming a nation of lawless cowboy companies exploiting workers. I can see a succession of strikes ahead. As for stability, our leaving the EU will jeopardise Britain as a nation, and encourage other countries to leave the EU too   It all looks rocky to me. We are a little island that will be left in a very vulnerable situation.

The Leave campaigners chose their mess, and we will watch Britain go down the pan, but all I can say, is that Remain campaigners have put up a good fight and they should be proud of their part in history.