Stylish Pony Tail holders


I came across these gorgeous pony tail holders from Pinzhi, which I bought for just over £2 from Amazon. They are really good value for a stylish twist to a boring pony tail.

It is great for women low on time and gives a little interest and texture to a very simple hair style. I hope to wear them for casual, work, evening wear and special occasions so they are really versatile. I would best recommend that they are worn in good weather. I haven’t seen any of these on the High Street, so they have the added benefit that ‘not everyone is wearing them’.

I bought these myself and haven’t been given any freebies. I am very keen on hair accessories as they can often jazz up your outfits, particularly if you have minimalist wardrobe like mine.  I have quite fine hair so I had to ruffle up my pony tail a bit.

The pink one doesn’t quite go with my hair colour, so I am giving it away to a friend who has blonde hair for Christmas.


Deemed ‘unfashionable’

The fashion industry annoys me (and I have even worked in it, by default). I like clothes but I don’t like the fashion element of it).

I was brought up on a farm. We had the usual pigs, cows, goats and horses.  For most of my childhood, my clothes were practical.

When I rode horses, I wanted clothes to be waterproof, comfortable, and easy to clean. We bought stuff to LAST. Shops were miles away and we were far too busy to go shopping. The only clothes shop I remember going to are saddlers, where we could get practical country clothes, tack and feed. The style of clothes probably hadn’t changed much in years, although materials could have changed.

As for teenage clothes for socialising, we just wore anything comfy . We could easily get away with wearing these at country discos and barn dances.

Of course, we were dragged to go to really boring school uniform shops, but it wasn’t about being fashionable, we just wanted clothes that didn’t make us look like idiots. The teenage fashionable clothing hysteria   totally passed me. However, I was happy with all the clothes I had. My mother used to say that I should have had more clothes – I hadn’t even noticed I didn’t have that much. I was very happy with my hardy wardrobe and it had all my favourites. It was enough.

As I got older and have a dual country / city life existence, I only  think about this ‘fashionable nonsense’  when  people bring things up.  For example, this week, I did some floristry and some hipster quipped, “Orange is in”. Then, later on in the same week, I was in a haberdashery as I wanted to upcycle a black and white top, ‘Black and white?’, the slick woman customer next to me disturbingly said, “That’s on trend!  The poor woman needs to lie down I thought. It can’t be normal to get bug eyed about black and white.

It is like being in a parallel universe. I feel like an alien in the City.  Why can’t I wear comfy things like  I can in the country?  And fashion is so pointless.

I had to see this for myself last weekend, as I had to get some emergency shoes from Primark in Oxford Street which is my worst nightmare. (I did say it was an emergency). Lots of aisles of fashionable, cheap stuff, a Minimalist’s nightmare, stuff that would be out of fashion in weeks. I was surrounded by frowny, but trendy teens, all looking the same. All I wanted was a practical pair of boots, something waterproof, comfortable and easy to clean. I didn’t find anything of course. Most of this stuff would be broken within a week in our British weather or my ankle would break instead. I couldn’t walk more than 100 metres in any of the shoes, but they were fashionable so that must be ok then? Even if I did buy them, I would have to wait in a dreary 20 minute queue at Primark,  and time is short, so why waste it?

I ended up going to Clark’s in Oxford Street,for some real leather boots, ones that could last years, with a bit of looking after. So, I still haven’t changed.

I am very happy being unfashionable, it saves me a load of money and I even get loads more compliments, which does  a great esteem., particularly if I make my own stuff or upcycle things.

I think there ought to be some kind of Unfashionable Pride, it’s time we came out!