Volunteer receives 36 pages of Red Tape to work for a Charity

Many of us like to volunteer and put something back. Some charities make it really easy for people to volunteer, but others, who  want to be  office volunteers seem to be lumbered with mountains and mountains of red tape.

I wanted to volunteer for a small charity for  just for a few hours  in an office in something I have a keen interest in, but yesterday, I was swamped with 36 pages of tedious but well meaning corporate Red Tape. I cannot even bear looking at it again.

It was all written in legal jargon and generally in  a fairly unfriendly language as if to say, ‘watch your back or you will out’.  Apparently volunteers must  even have an appraisal to discuss ‘performance’.  There was nothing to welcome the volunteer at all, and to say, ‘we thank you for wanting to help us ‘ no, none of that.  Sexual relationships were discussed on the forms and if the volunteer had a relationship with another staff member, one of them would be ‘asked to leave’.  Then of course, if you were a politically minded person, you would have to ‘speak to your superiors’ if you were lobbying which could affect the charity, as they need to be impartial. Generally fair points, but I felt that I would always be ‘on edge’ at the charity.

At the end of the day, the charity does not own me, but looking at the amount of legalise I received,  like to think that they do.

The irony is that the charity concerned was crying out for volunteers.