London Courts: ITV Cycling Presenter Richard Cunnynghame found guilty of ‘Drunk Cycling’ #summersafetycampaign

As I am doing a Summer Road Safety campaign, here is a story I picked up from the Daily Mail today, which is a little different from the norm, yes, a drunk cyclist and a semi-professional one at that!

I cannot believe how people will put themselves in danger by drunk cycling. And, the fact that he gave the police a ‘police chase’ was also astonishing. Wasting police time too. Think before you cycle.

Cycling and drinking can often go together, which I have seen on my Paris to London experience unfortunately. A lot of cyclists in England, cannot cope without alcohol, and I expect to see many more cases like this. I don’t drink so I won’t get this issue myself and even if I did, I wouldn’t be as stupid as this guy, who tried to get away with it.

This guy brings cyclists like us into disrepute and even his company, he works for.

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UK Blogger’s blood goes to The Royal Marsden Hospital

I gave blood in Kent a few weeks ago and recently I received a text from the NHS Blood Service, in the UK, saying where my blood donation went to.

The last time I gave blood, it went to the Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Kent, this time, it went somewhere else, The Royal Marsden Hospital, which is a famous hospital dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education. It was exciting to see where my blood travelled.

Today is also National Clean Air Day and many cancers are caused by air pollution and environmental hazards.

To celebrate National Clean Air Day, I will cycle to a local bicycle café and treat myself to a nice meal. We can all do our bit.

If you would like to give blood in the UK, make an appointment with the National Blood Service. You can call them on
0300 123 23 23 or make an appointment online on – Tell me where your blood went too!

Police continue to monitor Feral Cyclists on Tower Bridge

On Friday, 8th October, police were at both ends of Tower Bridge, giving out feral fines to cyclists cycling on Tower Bridge whilst works were going on.

Police reported that there are been several injuries already after some  some selfish cyclists failed to walk along the bridge. Some were doing deliberately sneaky things to avoid being seen by the police, although they were caught.

One lawless male cyclist of about 25, was seen smirking and coasting on his bike on the bridge, when a police officer said, “You won’t be smiling when we give you a fine”. Feral fines are £50.

Most cyclists were seen behaving responsibility.

London: Cyclists given Feral Fines on Tower Bridge

Once again, some lawless cyclists,  seeking bad press coverage,  are cycling along the pavement along Tower Bridge despite being advised to walk their bikes. Tower Bridge is currently closed to traffic and is open to pedestrians during the week. City Police have been out enforce dishing out numerous fines.

These types of commuting cyclists do not consider others at all. It is just plain bad manners to ignore road safety signs and alarm pedestrians. It is a shame that these cyclists are using precious police resources by being so anti social.

When I went there earlier today with my bicycle, I walked, there really is no need to cycle in the way of tourists. When I go up there next I will try and take some photos.

When I cycle, I get loads of thanks and thumbs up from all road users, these types of cyclists just gets fines and angry letters to the police. I know which side I want to stay on!

More on the story here:


UPDATE: 7th October, 2016 A Hero cyclist tackles a Feral Cyclist as he tries to stop the cyclist from cycling on Tower Bridge.  Yay! Ten points for tackling these arrogant and selfish cyclists.   These types are a detrimental to road safety, and their bicycle should be confiscated.