Greens leaving the Green Party, after they talk of ‘standing aside’

I have been a Green member and supporter for decades, voting for what  ‘voting for what I believe in’ . However, myself and others are now leaving.

Amongst other issues I have been mulling over, in the last few months, Greens in various wards have been ‘standing aside’ to back  another party, just to get the boost the numbers of the left. Now this could be acceptable if they formed a proper alliance, but no, they want to back another party, where only a handful of policies are similar.

This really says what a rubbish political system we have, where we pay membership towards a particular party but they only go and back another party. They call it ‘another kind of politics’. No, this is like saying they have given up on their own policies and is incredibly flaky. True, we are facing a rising right wing element, but it is so important that our votes do count (though, under the system, as best they can).

There are already splits within the Green Party as to whether this is the right way to go.  Some Greens are furious.  Some, like myself, have already left the Greens recently and, reluctantly. Some of us are now in limbo, not knowing who to vote for, if any, but they are certain that they won’t be voting Green, at least for the time being and definitely not Labour.

We also have to remember that there are so many ways to make positive change, and it doesn’t mean we even need to belong to a political party. Perhaps a ‘different kind of politics’ is to not belong or support a political party at all.People can bring out change via a charity, good networking or just do your own thing and be completely independent.

Will the Greens exist in 15 years time?  That remains to be seen.


Funeral service of an 18 year old British relative

There was a funeral service today of one of my relatives who was killed due to him taking recreational drugs whilst on a gap year abroad. He was  18 years of age, just out of school, and was about to go to uni.

His British parents had shelled out loads to take him to the best prep and boarding schools in the country. He appeared to mix with public school ‘party thrill seekers’. In his obituary, it said he ‘tragically died whilst on a charity trip’.  His father is a very high profile Tory donor.

This is the first member of my family who die in this way, most tend to die of natural causes and the ones that die young, tend to be in war or illness.

His body had to be sent back to the UK. He leaves behind a younger sibling. It is so frustrating for some young people to be so reckless with their lives and was so entirely preventable if he didn’t take drugs.  There is so much information out there, but some people still continue to ignore it. Just a waste of a life.

Stunning Advent Calendar by Angela Harding

imageI was struck by this beautiful piece of art by Angela Harding that I just had to buy it. This was the best advent calendar I have ever seen. All the work that went into it has been amazing and the colour work is absolutely beautiful.It has a delightful pop up part too. I

In the shop I went too, someone else was buying it as well.

For details of her website:


Reaction to Trump

I was surprised, but not surprised if that makes sense. I was not at all surprised that once again, the polls got it wrong, rather like our election when Cameron won. I don’t read or follow polls since that time.

I am still getting used to saying ‘President Trump’, and it sounds like some silly made up name and it  doesn’t even sound like a President.

I had hoped that Clinton would win, and that I would be alive to see a woman president. I feel sorry for the old American lady who will be  unlikely ever to see a woman president. Obviously I thought her policies would be better, but people will always want a change. It is quite scary that Britain and the US is becoming more and more  right wing and rich people are, once again, controlling the world.

I spoke to a friend from Kent on his reaction,this is how it went:

Me: Trump has won

Friend: What?

Me: Trump is President, seriously

Friend: (deep sigh)

I wonder how many people had the same conversation.

Then on  Facebook, a friend from Maidstone, England,, said “I stayed up until just before 1, but the results were too depressing.. I was hoping things would change by the time I got back up at 6… nope. (The torrential rain outside seems kind of appropriate).

Fights and Fireworks in Bermondsey

Residents have been left in fear after youths  were seen fighting and chucking fireworks. Stretched police have been trying to dodge them. They confirm that several arrests in Southwark tonight.

They have also  asked shops in Southwark to stop selling them. One person on Twitter said ‘Bermondsey is war zone. Parents here seem to have no control over their feral offspring.

This comes in the same week that the Mayor of London has brought out a  new’Night Czar, but I expect she is hiding from the fireworks too.  T

It is time private fireworks were banned.

Kent: Mobbing Bullying Video at Homewood School in Tenterden

A  Kent school that prides itself, according to its website,  on ‘Learning, Respect and Belonging’, their pupils  expected to show ’empathy and compassion’ has been slammed  for allegedly having  groups of school bullies targeting vulnerable lone targets.

A leaked video has come out exposing alleged unacceptable bullying @Homewood_school.  Cyberbullies put the video on a Facebook site as well. The school does not appear to be taking  mobile phones away from the kids, so it says things are poorly managed anyway.

Schools and parents need to take tough action to prevent this kind of behaviour.  People who have suffered from bullying and cyberbullying have taken their own life, suffered PTSD and a few have become so disturbed that they have become serial killers.  This is not just a small problem, it affects a wider society. I myself have suffered from it and it was so bad, I asked to leave my school. Other people I know who have been bullied, have been taken out of their school to be home-schooled.

With more and more technology around, schools cannot hide bullying behaviour and there will be a risk of legal action. Harrassment is a crime and I am glad Kent Police are made aware of the incident. Injuries should also be reported in the Accident Book. Let’s hope the kids involved will be expelled and there will be a convictions. We hope that more and more parents and kids come forward if this is not an isolated incident.

The leaked video is here:

Get Help & Support

Bullying UK

National Anti Bullying Week (Get your wristband for 18th November 2016) from


Kent Police: Report a Crime: Dial 101 or 999 in an emergency

I recommend using specialist solicitors for advice or the CAB.  Here is some good advice on the legal issue surrounding bullying in schools and what to do to tackle it:

Some useful practical advice: