Mind Charity Shop Bermondsey to Re-Open 10th August

Mind Charity responded to my recent article that the Mind Charity shop in Bermondsey, being ‘closed’. They told me that the notice about the closure could have been hidden under the shutters and that they will replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Gareth from Mind said that the shop had to be completely closed as they had to put in new floorboards but the shop will Re-open on 10th August.

Thank you to Mind for getting back.


Grace & Green are looking for journalists who will work for free – What a scramble!

Grace & Green, a lifestyle brand, has been looking for desperate bloggers to work 6-8 a week, completely unpaid,for their launch in the Autumn. Their values are ‘ethics, honesty, transparency and sustainability’. The organisation is run by Frances Lucraft.

They claim their internship is ‘initially unpaid’ but ‘could’ evolve into a paid position to the ‘right candidate’, so, there is no guarantee

    of any future work.

    The position has a raft of serious responsibilities, and the unfortunate blogger who works for free, must have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

    All bloggers will get is ‘a profile and recognition on our website and social media platforms, the opportunity to be part of a passionate team (some unpaid I expect) and invaluable insight into the life of an exciting start up, valuable transferable skills, articles and blog content to use as writing samples for a career in journalism, media or communications’ and a good, strong, reference’. The job ad does not state whether any expenses will be paid.

    I think that everyone who works for a profitable organisations should be paid, and that includes internships.

    The Government states that people should receive the National Minimum Wage in the UK if you are performing the role of a worker. The vast majority of interns are classed as workers. You should also consider the work should be for your benefit, not the employer’s. If you are part of a commercial operation of a business, you’re likely to be entitled to payment, though there are exceptions.

    The link to the job ad: https://www.gumtree.com/p/internships/blogger-journalist-communications-intern-/1258453034 and a copy of the job ad has gone to HMRC to investigate.