London: Pride in the Park & Black Pride


This was held in the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, in Lambeth. It was a mix of a Picnic in the Park and Black Pride which was on the other side of the Park.

There were various stalls around and there was also a tent that had a series of talks on various subjects which I enjoyed.

There was a talk on Women, but the two Women presenters failed to turn up which was a bit disappointing. There was also a brief talk about Dr Who, and a black lesbian being in it. Even in the Asexual community, people talk about Dr Who and think Sherlock is Asexual. Dr Who seems to be a popular topic amongst gays and asexuals, some see the popular children’s programme as a ‘benchmark’ of modern society.

Crowds of people were there, and it was a good, friendly atmosphere. It was a nice place to have a festival and there were lots of trees around so we could escape from the heat. There was the usual LGBT music, which, for me was ok, but a bit too loud for me, and I couldn’t hear my friend speak for most of the event but still, it was good fun and some of the stalls were interesting, such as the LGBT history month one, and the one that had big cushions you could lounge around in. There were also medical ones like ones on HIV testing.

There was also a dog show afterwards. Not one of these proper ones, with agility and all that malarky, but more along the lines of the best dressed Camp Dog and what skills your dog could do. For example, two dogs had these skills – eating and just lying down! Everyone laughed.

One of the Camp Dogs, ‘Wan Chan’ being paraded at the Dog Show:




It was also good to see people in Black Pride, there were absolutely hundreds of people attending and getting along.

T-Shirt slogans spotted ‘Martha Luther QUEEN’ and badges with ‘Never Kissed a Tory’.

Thanks to the Met Police who helped make it safe and I am glad one of them took off their helmet because it was just too hot.


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