Asexual Endurance Cyclists exist too #philippayork #Pride2017 #hereiam #Ace #letour

I was pleased that Tour de France champion Robert Millar has come out as transgender and now is to be called Philippa York.

It is sad to see that she can only ‘come out’ after ten years but I am not surprised as the cycling community isn’t that welcoming for minorities. I think she is very brave.

I have heard of a transgender cyclist who cycles round Paddock Wood in Kent reportedly, ‘in her high heels’. So unless this is Philippa, it could be another trans cyclist. And in the cycling world, they ‘do talk about it’.

It was even very hard for me as a ‘minority cycling woman’ ten years ago before the London Olympics but I am glad there are more female cycling clubs now, although I personally prefer the smaller informal ones which have more diversity, rather than the ‘white and conservative’ female cycling clubs. However, I love cycling on my own or with just a good friend. Not all women like to be in groups all the time, I am a bit of an introvert. I am confident cycling on my own and all my endurance events have been on my own too.

I prefer long distance charity cycling myself as you do something that benefits others.

As an British ex-endurance cyclist, and a female. I am happy to raise awareness that there are also Asexual cyclists around too! Yay!

I am also Straight Edge. I find being a non-drinker in the British cycling world, is much harder than being Asexual and a woman in it. Being in a minority, I now tend to do my own thing and I don’t go on the macho cycling forums or clubs. It is a challenge to ‘find a place for me’.

Going back to Asexuality, I do find it difficult wearing tight cycling clothes, such as the cycling shorts. I feel uncomfortable with the leering looks from hetrosexual men and sometimes shouts and honking from motorists and passengers cars. I tend to cover up more now, and if I remember, wear cycling skorts which I think is a lot more comfortable and flattering (for myself!) than nasty tight lycra shorts which attracts the pervy attention.

I am looking forward to going to Pride2017. The Parade is also on my birthday! It should be a lot of fun.

Just a small note to Philippa, you did pick a name that is hard to spell. You won’t believe how many times I have been trying to get it right!

Link to the story:

More on Asexuality:


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