London Bridge Station: Fire Alert 3 July

I arrived at London Bridge station on Monday, at about 11.30 am. I bought some stuff from Paperchase and went up to the platform. Everything seemed normal and calm at the station with some orange construction workers on the other platform beavering away. I only saw one uniformed police officer.

My train was twenty minutes late, as it was still at Charing Cross. Apparently, about 1030am there was a Fire Alert and everyone had to be evacuated. The tannoy announcement just said ‘London Bridge Station had to be evacuated’ and it was only when I got home, I discovered that it was a fire alert. So, I missed some ‘drama’ by an hour. I had important meeting so I was quite glad the trains were running again, as best as possible. I tend to make sure I have enough time to get to where I want to go, as anything can happen on the trains, ie signal failures. I didn’t check the news before I went, and even if I did, I would have been walking to London Bridge at the time, and completely oblivious.

Sorry, I wasn’t ‘right in the evacuation’, but I was pretty close! I bet all the Americans out there are cancelling their holidays, it seems to be all Fire and Terrorism lately in London.


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