London: Black Cab driver caught using a Tablet while driving in Southwark

A professional black cab driver was caught driving with a large tablet today in Southwark, London.

Black cab drivers are reknowned to be ‘the best in the world’, and tourists are encouraged to use them, rather than dodgy mini-cabs. They are supposed to be expert drivers.

The black cab driver denied he was breaking the law, even though his cab’s engine was running, and he was on busy main road. As a professional black cab driver, you would think that after years of being on the road, that driving with a mobile phone in the UK is illegal. He was quite willing to take risks with his career too, as a motorist these days can risk getting 6 points on their licence and a big fine. In some cases, getting so many points will get them disqualified.

However, when he noticed a camera pointing towards him, he put it away. Out of all the cars in the road, at that time, including ‘white van drivers’, he was only one driving with a computer.


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