Facepack Review: Lush ‘Mask of Magnaminty’


I went to a Lush Blogger’s Event and chose to try out this product. Yes, I got this for free! Like many people, I love Lush!

This is a basically a pale green, minty Facepack. The aroma is nice, and so is the texture which is fairly thick. The product is supposed to be ‘good for skin that has spots’.

Good things about it:

1. It has lots of natural ingredients, and, as an extra bonus, it has NO microbeads, which is brilliant. Instead of nasty micro beads, it use primrose seeds. I like that Lush have taken care to not use the beads. It reflects how progressive they are. I care about the planet, and I would never use any product with micro beads in it. It also has honey which fantastic for the skin too. However, it doesn’t say what quality of honey they use. (I can be a bit picky what kind of honey is used).

2. Like many Lush products, there was picture of the person who made this product, which was Jeff.

3. You don’t need much to make a full facemask, so there is plenty left over.

4. After I cleaned it all off, my face went a bit pink and glowing, and there was gunk on my facecloth, including some traffic pollution, so it ‘did its job’. My face felt clean and scent of the peppermint oil still lingered. I don’t have any spots so I wouldn’t have seen the difference from the ‘spot aspect’.

5. It comes in a recyclable pot which you can return after you collect 5 Lush pots. It is made from 100% recyclable plastic.

Bad things

1. I suppose it is a bit harsh for my dry skin. It doesn’t say what skin the mask is for. I kept it on for 10 minutes, although I think, with my skin, I should just use it for 5 minutes. It went a bit dry and tight but obviously, that’s what it’s supposed to do!

Would I buy it again? Well, it was nice, but a little bit strong for my skin. I am definitely going to use the rest of the product on my skin anyway though. I do like the peppermint aroma!


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