A Random Act of Kindness in Waitrose

I was at the Waitrose café about to pay for my cake.

This kid asked her father (politely) if she could have a gingerbread man. The parent said ‘no’, (as she and already ordered a small muffin) and she was disappointed. (Yes, she was being greedy!).

However, just for fun, I thought it would be great to teach younger generation ‘random acts of kindnesses), and also that life can be nice sometimes, and fun. So I bought the primary school kid the gingerbread man and said ‘this is a random act of kindness’ for you.

Both of them smiled, and the Waitrose assistant was taken back (maybe he never saw any Waitose customers do this) and the parent asked her to say ‘thank you’.

It went all very well, so much so that the kid handed me a shopping bag that someone left at the counter which had keys in it, and she thought it was mine!


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