I went up to London Bridge this afternoon.

Generally it was pretty much back to normal, bar more police and some road closures.

I said thank you to groups of police officers and staff at Network Rail for what they did during the #londonattack. The police said ‘they were just doing their job’ and ‘they didn’t mind doing longer shifts if it was the right thing to do’.

Parts of Borough Market was still cordoned off. London Bridge was open but it had new barriers along it.

One white woman of about twenty something saw a homeless person near the bridge and gave him £5.00. We remember that homeless Millwall fan, helped protect more people from being killed or injured during the attack. It was nice for the woman to do a random act of kindness.

Samaritans volunteers were out in force at London Bridge station.


ABOVE: London Bridge now has barriers


ABOVE: Flowers and tributes outside Evans Cycle Shop on London, a Muslim woman stood behind the flowers in deep thought.


ABOVE: Victim Support leaflets on the flowers


ABOVE: Victim Support leaflets being handed out by Police and Victim Support volunteers at London Bridge station.


Back to London Bridge 5 days after the #londonattack

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