Back to London Bridge 5 days after the #londonattack

I went up to London Bridge this afternoon.

Generally it was pretty much back to normal, bar more police and some road closures.

I said thank you to groups of police officers and staff at Network Rail for what they did during the #londonattack. The police said ‘they were just doing their job’ and ‘they didn’t mind doing longer shifts if it was the right thing to do’.

Parts of Borough Market was still cordoned off. London Bridge was open but it had new barriers along it.

One white woman of about twenty something saw a homeless person near the bridge and gave him £5.00. We remember that homeless Millwall fan, helped protect more people from being killed or injured during the attack. It was nice for the woman to do a random act of kindness.

Samaritans volunteers were out in force at London Bridge station.


ABOVE: London Bridge now has barriers


ABOVE: Flowers and tributes outside Evans Cycle Shop on London, a Muslim woman stood behind the flowers in deep thought.


ABOVE: Victim Support leaflets on the flowers


ABOVE: Victim Support leaflets being handed out by Police and Victim Support volunteers at London Bridge station.


UK Elections: Britain’s Crumbling

I woke up this morning to a hung parliament, between Labour and the Tories!

I was also told this morning by my flatmate that the Greens had lost a seat (and I’m a Green), so it was a lot to take in. However, I was pleased to say that the Greens did keep their’s in Brighton, so I will have ‘words’ with the flatmate. I hope that Labour will form an Alliance with the Greens, if at all possible.

Well, the whole thing came as a surprise really, a bit like the last Election. However, it was a ‘good surprise’ and an interesting one. I don’t remember any Labour / Tory Governments in my lifetime, though I could be wrong. I think it is certainly the People’s Election this time.

I was concerned that after the last election, the Tories will be sitting forever in their seats but this was not to happen. This was really refreshing to see. Getting rid of the Old Guard. I’m looking forward to see who’s gone. I think the Tories trying to get rid of the Human Rights Act didn’t help their case.

However, the whole situation is a bit messy, particularly with Brexit and the already lax Terrorism issue. I have never seen so much political upheaval in my lifetime and I dread to think what the current situation will do to our economy. But there IS so much difference between rich and poor in the UK (as I have seen myself when I went up up to Billionnaires Row in East Finchley recently (The Bishop’s Avenue), this just cannot go on.

We need stability too so this is all a bit crazy. I don’t see a real difference to my own life, but we shall see and I will report on my situation.

So lib Dems Simon Hughes isn’t in, despite all the screaming orange signs saying he’s back in #Bermondsey.

It was certainly a bit sombre in Kent this morning. Generally people are getting on with it and not talking much about it, though the postman was full of beaming smiles this morning. When I go up to London later, it will probably be completely different.

I spoke to a Tory Parish Councillor from Kent who thought that may be a chance Labour would do well a few weeks ago. He didn’t feel the Tory campaign was good enough, compared to Labour’s and said Tories hardly were seen to be campaigning in his area. He said also that ‘I wish we had a better political system’ which is what the Green Party was campaigning for.