Review: DIY Natural Hair Pomade


I was given a slab of organic beeswax after going to a Food Festival in London the other day and thought it would be interesting to make something different from beeswax.

I wanted to use totally natural ingredients.

I made the pomade with a mix of:

Organic beeswax
Shea Butter
Drops of almond oil, olive oil and caster oil
An essential oil of your choice

    (I always keep some shea butter handy at home as it is great as a natural hand moisturiser too)

    Verdict: My pomade was fairly hard (maybe I used too much beeswax and shea butter!) but when I used it, it kept my hair under control and, with the oils, made it all shiny without ‘being greasy’. It also didn’t look so dry and thin. The more beeswax you have, the stronger hold it will hold.

    It’s particularly effective with short, layered hair, as, on a bright sunny day it captures the sunlight. It makes your hair look look healthy. It could be used as unisex product too.

    I would probably not use it all over the hair, but have it on bits that need a bit of highlight. It is excellent for the hair and moisturises it well. I didn’t have to use gloops of it too and can last for a long time.

    Verdict: 9/10