East Grinstead: Emin Society followers demand money from visiting people to Cult

Newcomers not far from East Grinstead have come across a strange cult, called ‘The Emin Society’ .

One person said that they discovered a group of people coming from this cult when their fellow flatmates had a small group in their house and popped in to visit just out of curiosity.

However, the Group just wanted the visitor to ‘just listen’ and not speak up and talk, and they also demanded money when the person tried to leave. The visitor refused to give them any as it was a waste of money.

The Emin Society is a highly secretive British New Age doomsday cult formed in 1970 by an encyclopaedia salesman called Raymond Armin, who now lives in the US. It was under an oak tree on Hampstead Heath that Armin first discovered ‘The Eminent Way’ which he shortened to ‘Emin’. It is also know as The Foundation for Human Development and the Earth School. There are now members in America, Australia and Israel.


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