Facepack Review: 7th Heaven, Strawberry Souffle (Self Care)

I bought this facepack from an independent chemist in Kent. It claimed to moisturise and soothe.

I love facepacks and I love to try out new ones. Facepacks are great for a bit of self-care in a crazy world, and it can be a bit silly too, as we can look ridiculous. It is even more fun, if you get your boyfriend to do it too! And even if your man feels that men don’t do this, all men love to feel pampered and do silly things sometimes.

So I tested on myself and on a man’s skin. He said it was fine ‘as long as no one saw him with it on’. The majority of the ingredients didn’t look too bad, although it had a few unnatural ingredients. It claimed to be cruelty-free.

When I looked in the packet, there didn’t seem to be an awful lot there but there was just about enough for a small adult face. The cream was a very pale pink colour, but when you saw it on the face, it looked white.

Both of us liked the strawberry aroma and we both have sensitive skin. Our skin felt fine- at first. The man’s skin had a kind of grubby London skin which seemed dry and covered in pollution. He had never had a faceback before!

We kept it on for 10-15 minutes and washed it off with a warm flannel.+ When it was all taken off, both our skin did look and feel great. Though my skin felt great, the man’s skin, which was more sensitive than mine, started to go mildly red and stung a bit. The man’s skin looked great at first and I think it knocked 5 years off his face, as it removed a lot of dry skin cells. His skin had a very light shine which made him a look much healthier. However, ten minutes afterwards his skin started to tingle and go mildly red. His skin did look much clearer which was great to see.

Verdict: Me – 8/10 (could do with more cream and fewer chemicals)
Him: 6/10 (only as it was mildly tingly, but he now loves facepacks, even if he does it in secret!) Personally I think all men should have facepacks, they will really see a difference to their skin. My male friend said he would try a more natural facepack though.

Would we use the product again: Yes (Me). The Man (No)



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