Prince Harry talks about his Mental Health

I think it is really great that Prince Harry has been talking about his own issues after the loss of his mother.

I knew he was having difficulties in his twenties as he was also having issues at Sandhurst as people there talked about it. There was clearly a problem with him, but there was limited media talking about his problems at the time. It seemed to be hushed up.

I myself lost my dad at 14.Our bond was very close.  Both my dad and Princess Diana were amazing people. Nice people can make the bereavement ‘worse’.

It is really  hard to deal with a sudden death, and in childhood too. Though it is recognised that some people go off the rails like Prince Harry, not all of them do.

I just grew up quickly and wanted my dad to be proud of me. He wouldn’t be proud of me if I was doing drink and drugs. I don’t think I was too affected by anger like Prince Harry was but his bereavement was ‘unnatural”. My father’s death was of a stroke.

We do need to talk about our feelings a lot more in this country, particularly in upper class and upper middle households where feelings are still very hidden. Coming from an upper middle background, there was nobody around to talk about this issue.  One thing I learned was that these types of people were not the types of people I wanted to mix with.  If I was Prince Harry I would move into  more emotionally aware environment where you can be yourself.


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