London: Visiting Westminster Bridge days after Terrorist Attack

I visited Westminster Bridge last Sunday to pay tribute those who had died and reflect.

My own brother was there the day before, taking a photo of Big Ben as he does photography, so it came close for me too.

I thought it was going to be a bit eerie going up, but actually it was not. There were few police in the tube station and a handful of police outside chatting. I did see a police officer with a dog go past the station.

Generally things seemed to be ‘back to normal’, the bridge was totally packed with tourists, even the bagpiper was back again. The only people who weren’t there, were the Three Lady criminals who regularly con tourists in the area for large sums of money.

I did see motorists on Westminster Bridge driving with a handheld phone, despite the risk of getting 6 points on their licence. Now their behaviour, could also mow down people.


Parliament Square




“He was not a Muslim, he was a Monster”


PC Keith Palmer was a Charlton Athletic football fan

Incidently, it was nice hearing from people round the world supporting London and sending in their own thoughts  over social media and having all the lights lit up round the world at various attractions was great. Thanks to everyone who made a stand against  terrorism.


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