Greens leaving the Green Party, after they talk of ‘standing aside’

I have been a Green member and supporter for decades, voting for what  ‘voting for what I believe in’ . However, myself and others are now leaving.

Amongst other issues I have been mulling over, in the last few months, Greens in various wards have been ‘standing aside’ to back  another party, just to get the boost the numbers of the left. Now this could be acceptable if they formed a proper alliance, but no, they want to back another party, where only a handful of policies are similar.

This really says what a rubbish political system we have, where we pay membership towards a particular party but they only go and back another party. They call it ‘another kind of politics’. No, this is like saying they have given up on their own policies and is incredibly flaky. True, we are facing a rising right wing element, but it is so important that our votes do count (though, under the system, as best they can).

There are already splits within the Green Party as to whether this is the right way to go.  Some Greens are furious.  Some, like myself, have already left the Greens recently and, reluctantly. Some of us are now in limbo, not knowing who to vote for, if any, but they are certain that they won’t be voting Green, at least for the time being and definitely not Labour.

We also have to remember that there are so many ways to make positive change, and it doesn’t mean we even need to belong to a political party. Perhaps a ‘different kind of politics’ is to not belong or support a political party at all.People can bring out change via a charity, good networking or just do your own thing and be completely independent.

Will the Greens exist in 15 years time?  That remains to be seen.