Reaction to Trump

I was surprised, but not surprised if that makes sense. I was not at all surprised that once again, the polls got it wrong, rather like our election when Cameron won. I don’t read or follow polls since that time.

I am still getting used to saying ‘President Trump’, and it sounds like some silly made up name and it  doesn’t even sound like a President.

I had hoped that Clinton would win, and that I would be alive to see a woman president. I feel sorry for the old American lady who will be  unlikely ever to see a woman president. Obviously I thought her policies would be better, but people will always want a change. It is quite scary that Britain and the US is becoming more and more  right wing and rich people are, once again, controlling the world.

I spoke to a friend from Kent on his reaction,this is how it went:

Me: Trump has won

Friend: What?

Me: Trump is President, seriously

Friend: (deep sigh)

I wonder how many people had the same conversation.

Then on  Facebook, a friend from Maidstone, England,, said “I stayed up until just before 1, but the results were too depressing.. I was hoping things would change by the time I got back up at 6… nope. (The torrential rain outside seems kind of appropriate).


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