Kent: Mobbing Bullying Video at Homewood School in Tenterden

A  Kent school that prides itself, according to its website,  on ‘Learning, Respect and Belonging’, their pupils  expected to show ’empathy and compassion’ has been slammed  for allegedly having  groups of school bullies targeting vulnerable lone targets.

A leaked video has come out exposing alleged unacceptable bullying @Homewood_school.  Cyberbullies put the video on a Facebook site as well. The school does not appear to be taking  mobile phones away from the kids, so it says things are poorly managed anyway.

Schools and parents need to take tough action to prevent this kind of behaviour.  People who have suffered from bullying and cyberbullying have taken their own life, suffered PTSD and a few have become so disturbed that they have become serial killers.  This is not just a small problem, it affects a wider society. I myself have suffered from it and it was so bad, I asked to leave my school. Other people I know who have been bullied, have been taken out of their school to be home-schooled.

With more and more technology around, schools cannot hide bullying behaviour and there will be a risk of legal action. Harrassment is a crime and I am glad Kent Police are made aware of the incident. Injuries should also be reported in the Accident Book. Let’s hope the kids involved will be expelled and there will be a convictions. We hope that more and more parents and kids come forward if this is not an isolated incident.

The leaked video is here:

Get Help & Support

Bullying UK

National Anti Bullying Week (Get your wristband for 18th November 2016) from


Kent Police: Report a Crime: Dial 101 or 999 in an emergency

I recommend using specialist solicitors for advice or the CAB.  Here is some good advice on the legal issue surrounding bullying in schools and what to do to tackle it:

Some useful practical advice:


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