Discounts on Personal Safety Products

I am getting fed up with feeling unsafe in Britain so I have been finding ways to improve my personal safety, particularly in view of the ‘killer clowns’ and random madmen stalking women in parks etc.

I do my bit by avoiding getting drunk and going out on my own later at night, and taking a personal CCTV camera and alarm with me. I also wear trainers so I can run out of the way quickly.

Whilst doing this, I am pleased to see, that to  highlight the 30th anniversary this year of the estate agent Suzy Lamplugh going missing, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust,  is offering 25% off personal safety products till the end November  2016:

Personal Alarms:

I would also recommend that your next of kin have up-tod-ate images of you, so should you ever go missing, people can look out for you.. The Suzy Lamplugh investigation was hampered early on because the parents gave the police an old photo when she had dark hair, in fact she went blonde.