So Rod Stewart has been Knighted

I think it was about time, although I really don’t agree that an unelected person knighted him.  

Furthermore, it is a very weird tradition that someone who hasn’t earned a ‘knighthood’ would be titled too. In this case,his wife Penny, became ‘Lady Stewart’.

My own uncle was knighted because of his ‘work’ with the Tory party. His wife suddenly became a Lady. She never deserved this at all, even though she was a nice lady (and was a lot nicer than he was too).

Women may support their husband, but they did not earn it. It is a backwards step for women.   It must be embarrassing to be titled  ‘Lady’ when you have done nothing to earn it in their own right.

And where were his other six children too? You would have thought they would have been included. And suddenly he gets called ‘Roderick’ too. What was wrong with ‘Rod’, that was my dad’s name, only parents and aunts called him his full name.

The British class system is nonsensical. I wonder if we are going to get lots of songs with ‘posh’ lyrics now?



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