Lush Review: Unicorn bath bar

This product is a fairly new product from Lush in Tunbridge Wells. They did give me one from one of their blogger’s events and finally, I have got round to using it.

The unicorn is a ‘girly bar’ made with lots of rainbow, pastel colours and shaped like a unicorn horn. It has a novelty factor.

I put it in the bath tonight and the water went a nice shade of calming, rose pink.  It  doesn’t really have a very strong aroma at all.  Then, as I used all of it, I had absolutely tons of bath bubbles which was really annoying (sorry Lush!). I don’t think it is great for people who have lead busy lives who haven’t got time to spend minutes getting rid of all the foam. I was in a flatshare, and I didn’t want flatmates moaning at me for taking ages in the bath! It is fine for singletons though who just want a nice bath to relax in.

Verdict: 4/10  Sorry guys, not for me. I am a big fan of the stronger Lush aromas, and not into bubbly baths. I am more of  a ‘fizz’ person. One tip, just use a little of the bar so it doesn’t foam up so much.




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