Colouring for World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2016

I belong to a colouring group of about 14 people.  It has a mixture of men and women, though mostly women, and  the ages range from about 20 to 60, and from wide range of backgrounds. We meet about twelve times a year.

Sometimes we have themes and we can bring our own food to share.  We meet in Arts Centres or in a London park, in the summer weather.

We all get stressed from time to time and I am quite straight edge and don’t drink or do drugs and I much rather do something else to relax. It helps with anxiety. I have learned a few techniques which is great and I enjoy learning new colouring ideas from people.

In this picture, I used Staedtler Water Colour Pencils and they are very good and excellent value.   The magazine below is Colouring World, one of my favourites, and it only costs £2.45 from W H Smith.  In this magazine, it has a series of scenes of Britain.I particularly like landscapes, buildings and, ideally, handdrawn pictures.

Colouring is not just for kids, some colouring books are highly advanced too. They can also make great Christmas and birthday cards.

I love using interesting colour combinations.  Sometimes I use my watercolour pens from Cass Art in Charing Cross Road, they are excellent and don’t make a mess of your work when you paint.  I would love to see your Colouring from around the world too and share tips.

Go try it and have fun, and meet some new people.


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