London: Cyclists given Feral Fines on Tower Bridge

Once again, some lawless cyclists,  seeking bad press coverage,  are cycling along the pavement along Tower Bridge despite being advised to walk their bikes. Tower Bridge is currently closed to traffic and is open to pedestrians during the week. City Police have been out enforce dishing out numerous fines.

These types of commuting cyclists do not consider others at all. It is just plain bad manners to ignore road safety signs and alarm pedestrians. It is a shame that these cyclists are using precious police resources by being so anti social.

When I went there earlier today with my bicycle, I walked, there really is no need to cycle in the way of tourists. When I go up there next I will try and take some photos.

When I cycle, I get loads of thanks and thumbs up from all road users, these types of cyclists just gets fines and angry letters to the police. I know which side I want to stay on!

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UPDATE: 7th October, 2016 A Hero cyclist tackles a Feral Cyclist as he tries to stop the cyclist from cycling on Tower Bridge.  Yay! Ten points for tackling these arrogant and selfish cyclists.   These types are a detrimental to road safety, and their bicycle should be confiscated.