Beaulieu ‘discovers’ the Chorley Cake

imageI am a huge fan of proper English cookery. I love the stories and history that surrounds it.

Though I am in London, I have more traditional tastes, rather than the ubiquitious foreign ‘hipster food’, although I like the fact that it can be generally healthy. I get very bored with hipster food, it can so samey and dull.

Anyway, I was lucky enough for a friend to visit Lancashire last week, and he brought back a ‘Chorley cake’.

Now, I had heard of Eccles Cakes, but never this one.  However, in Lancashire these cakes are really popular, so much so, they had a Chorley Cake Street Fair, a competition to make the biggest one. Some locals call them ‘fly pie’.

The four cakes I had came from Williams ( It is a flat piece of cake, very buttery and has sultanas, currants, wheatflower, butter, ‘marg’, sugar and mixed spice. I don’t know if they come in gluten free’ options.

Now I am not a fan of sultanas and currants normally,but fortunately they were all squished together so I didn’t even notice them.

I would go far as to say, they are even tastier than Eccles cakes, you really smell the freshbaked taste. They were lovely, yellowy, nice and bumpy like a cookie and deliciously buttery.Mmm.

They aren’t exactly for those dieting, but as they say in many fast food snacks, they used be used ‘as part of a balanced diet’! However, once you have one, you will want another!

More info:

Lancashire Day Recipe for Chorley Cakes


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